Reviews for Habib’s Gyros & Kabob House in Stevens Point, WI

Jessica Sigler 1 year ago

This is in a prime location, but they were put of a lot of stuff. There wasn't any heat on in the building. It was so cold that... my nose was running. If you dont want people to eat there then you shouldnt have it as an option. We were the only ones thereand waited over 40 minutes for our food. No one else came in even for pick ups until we were almost done eating. The food wasokay. The lady who took care of us was nice. Read more

Tappy Tibbon 1 year ago

The rose water lemonade was the only thing that was good. The place is dirty and looks nothing like the pictures they have... posted. I was traveling and thought to stop and try a gyro here, I had wished I stopped at taco John's instead. Read more

Jessica Mayek 1 year ago

The food was okay but the place needs a deep clean, its filthy. The canopy/cushion area was super dirty and while taking shoes... off is a nice idea, the floor was sticky! It took about 20 min for them to come take our order and when we ordered kebabs, wewere told it'd be another 30 min wait. I can see why there wasn't anyone in the place even at peak dining hours downtown. Areal shame since a place like this could have real potential with a great location and less common foods on offer. Overallreally disappointing experience and I don't think we'll be back. Read more

John Nornberg 1 year ago

First of all, if you do a web search for Habibi?s Stevens Point it takes you to a nice new web landing page, and when you click... on To Go Menu it opens to a menu that has a phone number listed that is not in service. You need to go back to the landing pageand click Contact for the correct phone number. I ordered 2 Gyros and 1 side of fries at 6:02pm. I was told that will be readyin 15 minutes. I arrived at 6:15pm and did not get my food until 6:25pm (no customers were in the rest of the Gyro/Kabab House,so not sure why took so long). This Greek delicacy when I opened the foil wrap at home, surprised me? The Greek/Lebanese-stylemeatloaf was awful! Thick sliced, over cooked, crispy, dry and no flavor. The pita bread was too small for the meat, tomatoesand lettuce and the tzatziki came in a side container that was too cold in such the sauce was very thick, you had to spoon itout. And once you spooned it out all you had was a glob and not a nice smooth sauce to coat. We did not finish the Gyros andthrew them away. I think they may need to refine the grind and mixture and baking of their loaf. I had hoped for betterresults. Will try this delicacy from another down the street. (PS. The fries were executed very well and were crispy and withenough salt, wish the rest were that good). Read more

Robert Groskinsky Sr. 2 years ago

Three of my friends along with myself were walking toward this establishment with intention to have some gyros. We did notice a... man standing outside the establishment obviously intoxicated on some type of substance pointing at the sky dancing and singingto the only music that could be heard in his head. As we walked into this establishment to place our order that same individualwalked in a side door still obviously intoxicated. As we were looking at the menus we saw that quite possibly this individualwas the cook since the lady taking our order acknowledge him and even stated one of our orders to him. Since everyone with medecided they did not want to become anywhere near where this individual was mentally we did not take any time to even orderdrinks but left the establishment immediately. Upon leaving we all discussed this individuals strange behavior and the fact thatobviously he was either the owner or minimally employed there which quite possibly should be reconsidered. If I could give lessthan one star I would. The worst part is I have ate at this establishment in the past and the food was actually not bad but thistime the ambience scared us out of the place. Read more

Nick Mack 2 years ago

I had been craving a gyro for awhile. So, a friend and I decided to check this place out. The wall menu doesn't have prices? I... asked if they had a gyro plate? They have only a gyro. It doesn't come with anything. They said I could order a side salad ifI want. It looks like the prices were erased from the menu on the wall. I asked if I'm just supposed to guess the price orwhat? They gave me a laminated menu. I asked what comes with the gyro for 9 bucks? It's meat and lettuce and a slice oftomato on a pita with the sauce, they said. I said fine, I'll order that. One gyro cost $10.50 after tax. I asked if theybring it out to me or do I pick up at the counter? They'll bring it out to me. I asked if they have water? They gave me aglass of water. It was brought to me with a short wait. It was good. The meat was good. Thd pita was soft and fresh. I don'tthink it was served with enough sauce. I'm not sure if is worth the price? I think other places around here will give you morefor that price. And I do not think the one sauce was enough. I don't know what they would charge for another sauce? It wasgood. I'm just not sure if it was worth the price. And I think they should have a gyro plate where it comes with a side salador something. The gyro did not fill me up! Read more

Carl Thompson 2 years ago

Food was excellent. It tasted fresh and the price was good. All the menu items were reasonable. Clean dining area. Clean... bathrooms. Food took a little longer than I expected for just 2 people in the whole restaurant. Read more

Carl O'Neil 6 years ago

Love the gyros here, lots of meat, get two sauces. The chicken ranch wrap is also great. Salads are good as are the combo... plates. I would give 5 stars except it's consistently not clean enough in the seating area for me, especially the awesome floorseating area. Read more