Reviews for Florence Coffee Company in Stevensville, MT

Carley Zabel 1 year ago

Drink so sweet I can?t even drink it very let down by this place

Steve Giralt 1 year ago

Years ago was my favorite place to get coffee. Unfortunately the quality has really gone down hill, I wish it weren't the case,... because I love local shops like this. Last time I went I ordered the biggest blended coffee they make (it's $9!) and not onlywas the lady rude, but she made it iced instead of blended and refused to fix it. She told me I'd have to throw it away andorder another one. The coffee is too sweet and has a burnt taste to it. As far as I know this is specific to this location,Lolo seems pretty good for the most part. I will not give them another dime though because of how this was handled. Read more

Jim Dunn 1 year ago

The absolute best coffee and beverages in the entire state of Montana!!!!!!

Rachelle Daniels 1 year ago

Friendly staff not the best coffee

Michael & Katie Wemple 2 years ago

Good coffee! Friendly customer service. Is overly sweet though

Dawn Clayton 2 years ago

Altho my vehicle was the only one in line it took a uncomfortably long while before I was acknowledged. Do I honk the horn? I... mean the gal was like right there!! Think I was bothering a texting session or something. The hot coffee beverage was made tothe recipe and pretty darn good. No tip was left in the can. Read more

Ceder Slatten 2 years ago

sadly had to give them 2 stars. Lady?s in the stand were rude and impatient. you can have a bad day but don?t take it out on... your customers who are paying for your product. probably not coming back. chai tea wasn?t mixed and the ladies vibes were sobad that it polluted all my coffee i bought from them, one spilled in my car and the others i just had to simply throw away.literally never go here a waste of money. Read more

Brandon Bombard 2 years ago

I feel bad only giving 3 stars but there coffee machine was down. Not the employees fault. Just couldnt get my coffee.... Management needs to be more prompt in getting there equipment serviced. Read more