Reviews for Pizza Hut Stony Plain in Stony Plain, AB

Justin 1 year ago

Wasn't too happy with my pizza when I got it home. Where's the cheese? Why wasn't there cheese on my pizza?? Like seriously a... few slices had cheese not happy at all and the mild wings tasted sweet last time I use this location. Read more

Brent Hoff 1 year ago

The food was OK. Quality has started to suffer. They cut my pizza into really odd sizes. Some really big and some really tiny... pieces. Upgrades to pizza are hugely over priced. $7 for crust upgrade. Wow. No it's not $5 pizza deal. It's $7 pizza deal whenyou order classic pizzas. Likely won't be ordering anytime soon. Read more

Taylor Melissa 1 year ago

Horrible service. My food was cold and sitting for a long time. The staff working were preparing food without washing their... hands. Management didnt seem to care at all. The lady with dark hair let her staff drown in orders while she talked on thephone. Better off ordering from somewhere else Read more

Kim Leland 1 year ago

We ordered 2 extra large pizzas for take out and he gave us médiums and said they would be the same, they sure were not, ripper... off by the manager Read more

Karen Campbell Esau 1 year ago

Placed an online order for pick up at 5:35, didn?t leave with my food until after 6 pm. The 3 pizzas were basically room... temperature when I got them as they had been sitting on the counter for over 15 minutes before being placed in the warmer whilethey made the last item of my order they had forgotten. The 2 staff were drowning and they appeared extremely short staffed. They were so slammed, complaining wasn?t even an option as someone else came in to complain and waited over 15 minutes to eventalk to anyone Read more

Josh Mendez 1 year ago

The food is good, but 3 times now skip the dishes driver said he delivered it to my house and i never received the food. It only... happens when i order from Pizza Hut. There must be a driver there that just throws away food or steals it. Read more

Ally Tyler 1 year ago

The worst. Waited 40 minutes after my scheduled pick up time, they ran around opening the same 30 pizzas over and over again... (sometime touching them with uncleaned hands) trying to put orders together then would come out with an order for someone who'dalready given up and left instead of asking the people waiting for their name/order! They finally remade all of the standingorders because pizzas had "disappeared." When I did get my food, it was cold, one crust was paper thin, one was at least an inchthick throughout, one was burnt, and neither had more than a sprinkle of cheese. I will be trying the Spruce location next time. Read more

Aletha 2 years ago

First time ordering here, never again. Barely any toppings. Here is a picture of the Hawaiian pizza - one tiny triangle of ham... on the slice. In the back ground is a bigger slice - three small triangles of ham on it. The other pizzas were the same. We arenot picky people at all but this is sad Read more