Reviews for Enrico's Restaurant in Greater Sudbury, ON

Kevin 2 years ago

Pretty unimpressive. Cheese cappelletti with rosé sauce didn't have rosé sauce. I think it was just canned tomatoes. It wasn't... cappelletti it was grocery store tri-colour cheese tortellini, there was no cheese melted on top. Gnocchi with meat saucetasted metallic and bland, but it was okay. Cesar salad with artificial bacon bits and parmesan, and had cheap store boughtsalad dressing, maybe Kraft. Romain was fresh and crisp. Roasted chicken was really good. Quarter of dark meat that was verytender. Nice bread and butter, but I don't think they can much credit for that. Cost about 40 bucks. Worth it for the portionsizes, but the quality of the food doesn't merit repeat patronage in my opinion. Read more

Don Bakker 2 years ago

Great food Italian style note during cova they were one of the few places that accally had a fantastic take out... menu . Since the buffay is closed down. Prices are reasonable not gouging like other restaurants in Sudbury . Friendly service try the berdetto fish stew on Friday worth the money for a liter . You will never taste such a greatdish any where in Sudbury like this Read more

Stephen Matarazzo 4 years ago

Consistent quality and menu

Helene Lascelles Landry 4 years ago

Great service friendly staff delicious homemade meals!!

Bob Taylor 4 years ago

Great food service a little grumpy

michael sabo 5 years ago

Good food

Jason Clement 6 years ago

Great place good Italian food and it's all you can eat !!!

Mike Harris 6 years ago

Quick and easy Italian all-you-can-eat. Lots of simple and affordable food. If you're looking for something very casual and... you're planning to stuff your face, look no further. Read more