Reviews for P.F. Chang's in Temecula, CA

Jerwin Mendigorin 1 year ago

P.F. Chang's is one of my favorite places to eat. The lettuce wraps and the garlic noodles are hands down one of the best to try... if you've never been. Been to several locations. This is my second time at this location and I love it. The environment andambiance and five is awesome, the staff is awesome and the food is absolutely delicious no complaints on this end. Read more

Jesselyn Torlak 1 year ago

Been coming here for years! Food is still really tasty. Today, a young man, named Polo, helped me out at the to-go desk. He had... such great customer service and was so precise about every item in my large to go order. Then showed me each item and made sureit was correct and to our satisfaction. Very pleased! Read more

Al Canales 1 year ago

P.F. Chang's is always enjoyable due to their menu, atmosphere, and service. We were able to make our reservations online and... were sent confirmation and reminders daily. Once there, we were taken to our table within minutes and treated like royalty byMimi. We were celebrating our anniversary, which we noted when we made our reservations, and were given the beautiful chopsticksand origami swan holders. We were also served complimentary dessert which was delicious! Our P.F. Chang's experience was acomplete delight! Read more

Gloria Bernal 1 year ago

Used to be better before pandemic. No more happy hours either and some of the food is not up to par, but pricier, as expected.

zeina shahhal 1 year ago

I hate to give 3 stars or not so great reviews however I have to be honest. Sunday at 1 pm , restaurant at a very nice location... and not very busy so we were seated right away outside. Waiters are good ( no complain there) . Food unfortunately was reallynot up to par. Chicken lettuce wrap was very oily. Mongolian beef was tough and chewy. Loaded with sugar or sweetness to hidethe fact that the original Mongolian beef sauce is not present? Not sure but definitely not good at all. I am not blaming thechef rather questioning if with the increase in prices of food that the company have altered recipes? I’ve eaten at PF Changin other countries too and this dish was prepared way better. I hope they pay attention to this so we can go back and enjoytheir food. Read more

Teresa Poo 2 years ago

I I I really feel it’s too salty.Like they pour the soy sauce inside it.I can’t eat the dish without white rice.The good... thing I like the decorations and environment in restaurant. Read more

Malyna Rivera 2 years ago

We went on a busy Sunday afternoon and were seated within 15 minutes of putting our names in. We waited at the bar and had some... yummy drinks. My favorite was the rising dragon. The food was amazing. We had the Wagu Dumplings, Mongolian Beef and Short RibFried Rice. The server was VERY attentive and friendly. We'll definitely be back again. I only have 4 stars because I wanted thefeatured drink "Ornament", but it wasn't available for another four hours. Read more

Nonnie Tavisola 2 years ago

The 2 stars is for the server, ZERO for the food. The Wagyu "dim sum" meat is spoiled, my tummy churned after biting half of 1... piece - returned the remaining 5 1/2 pieces. Server said it's "WAGYU" ???? uh, yeah - but it's spoiled, I recommended not toserve this batch, server insisted it was marinated ???? -- crickets -- i prayed no one will complain of tummy pain afterconsuming it because i did. Chilean Sea Bass - i regret ordering it - had to finish because of its price. CLOSING STATEMENT:fusion food removes the authentic flavor, experimenting or making "gourmet" do not need to be far removed from the real dish. Overpriced food that has no real identity is something I am not willing to pay and digest. Sorry. Not sorry. Try to standfirm to your brand's theme - if it's Chinese, plate it beautifully the way you want it but make the food real in flavor andserve it FRESH. Just because you used WAGYU to marinate in an experimented sauce does not mean it will not spoil. Just saying. Not coming back. Read more