Reviews for BeaverTails Tobermory in Tobermory, ON

Greg James 1 year ago

We had a great experience having a quick lunch and dessert here. Staff was friendly and patient. We all got poutine and we were... all full and very happy with what we got. Poutine was large and very filling. Perfect portion and made perfectly. Read more

Dan Olson 1 year ago

PLEASE post some clear hours of operation. It is impossible to know when this place is open. Checked the website and called... ahead then drove 40 min to find them closed. Watched several other confused people there as well. The website said open til 8,the outgoing voice message said open til 7. The posted hours had an odd combinations of hours they AREN?T open (none of whichincluded the time we arrived to find them closed), but said nothing about when they ARE open. So I guess we should just drivethe 40 min there on the slim chance that they are open? Then try again the next day and the next and the next? I think we willjust avoid the place. Read more

Habiba Jannat Ferdoushi 1 year ago

They have a lot if chockolates and banana.

Gary Fung 1 year ago

I didn't expect too much but it turned out very delicious. I had the apple pie tail, not overly sweet, the tail itself was... partially crispy partially chewy. Just right. Read more

Jacklin Ibrahim 1 year ago

The owner of this place is aggressive with hostile manner. We were walking by the store and was planning to order, when rain... started pouring. Everyone sheltered by the front shed of the store for few minutes until rain slow down. Only after one minute,he came out yelling and kicking everyone out. He kept screaming ?Get out you are running my business? although no one was gonnato stop by during this pouring rain to order any thing. He insulted every one with swearing words, assaulted our son and touchedhim and his friend pushing them out. Even when little kids started crying, he raised his voice even more louder to scare them toforce the parents to leave the front shed!! Although we love beaver tails, we will never gonna try this store. He should learnhow to be human! Read more

Nicolas g.s 1 year ago

I love coming here with my dogs. Order and pickup is all done outside. This place is dog friendly and the staff are so nice.... They offered treats for my puppies and my walk was so nice because of them. Read more

Jenny Durocher 1 year ago

Fast and friendly service! You can never go wrong with a classic killaloe.

Audric strongestkarate 3 years ago

Food is great. People are nice. Too bad there were a number of unavailable items on the menu. Perfect place to have a bite and... watch people and boats go by. Read more