Reviews for Tabule Middle Eastern Cuisine in Toronto, ON

Lisa Mak 1 year ago

I always have loved going to this restaurant. The food is always fantastic and the service quick and friendly. I love the deep... fried falafel and order it every time I go! The fattoush salad is so nice and tangy and fresh and the Arnabeet is also reallydelicious. Read more

Gastro W. 1 year ago

Traditionally, the tabule in the sampler platter ($22) wouldn?t be gluten-free due to it?s use of bulgur wheat. As a result, the... kitchen substitutes quinoa into the finely chopped parsley, tomato, and onion salad instead, which gives it a finer and moredelicate consistency. I love mixing the citrusy tabule with smoky rich babaganoush and sandwiching a spoon of it into the thinand chewy laffa ($3.95 a piece), it?s a great way to start the meal. In fact, you can make a whole meal from their starterswith the host of other mezze options gracing the menu. From the inexpensive assorted pickles ($4.50) made up on turnips, olives,hot peppers, and dill pickles to something warm and comforting like the aaranbeet ($8.95), which is unbattered fried cauliflowerthat?s tossed with tahini creating a warm nutty bite. Tabule?s falafel salad ($14.95) continues to impress, the crispy chickpeaand fava bean nuggets are deliciously fluffy, moist, and flavourful putting other falafels to shame. I do find the vinaigretteoverly acidic (mixing a bit of tahini into it helps) and the dressing could use a hit more salt. If you?re not into super lemonysalads, I?d stick with ordering the falafels solo. The warak enab ($12.95) is also overly citrusy, which is a shame as thestuffed grape leaves are a great consistency ? the leaves delicate and soft and the rice not too mushy. If only Tabule tonesdown the lemon seasoning and augments the tomato, garlic, and other spices instead. For something filling, go for the eggplantmeal ($16.95) where slices of aubergine are fried until soft and topped with tahini and pomegranate creating a salty, sweet, andnutty main. The sauces and juices go equally well when soaked into the mujaddara, a fragrant rice studded with lentils andonions. If things become too oily or heavy, have a bite of grilled vegetables that round out the dish. Read more

Cliff Chan 1 year ago

Servers were friendly and polite. Food was fine except that I am not used to eating pita bread without the complimentary sauces... (guess they have to find a better or more creative way to deal with inflation). I also found the tipping menu on the cardscanner a bit unusual. Normally, the %tips are listed in ascending order. But they had them listed in descending order: 1)20% 2) 18% 3) 15% Just pay attention before tipping. Don't employ your muscle memory. Read more

Sheila Rinaldy 1 year ago

This is one of our favorite restaurant for Mediterranean food. We ordered Tawuk and Grilled Shrimp. Both is so delicious and... they gave us the big shrimp. The price also reasonable for this kind of food with a good portion. Read more

Ali 1 year ago

First of all, She automatically put a 20% tip without indicating this as a normal policy!!!! She said 8 people or more, we... automatically add a 20% tip on the dine-in order. Overall, we will never come back again because of the attitude, smallportions and, unusual policies that were not indicated beforehand. Elaboration : when we entered (a white woman with brownhair was serving us, sorry don't know the name). We as a family of 6 adults and 2 children got seated by another lady, shelooked and sighed. Even if she was organizing in her head, it is a bad first impression. Let's talk about weird and new thingsfor us in dining: 1)Every two minutes: are you ready to order? We were looking at the menu and didn't call anyone. It happened2 times. We had the same answer: We will call you when ready. There was only us and another table, what's the reason forrushing?! 2)The portion: She put 6 plates into 3 plates to be family-based (without asking us before doing that)!!! The 12sides were put on 5 plates. WE DON'T know the portion, and it's the first time someone does it before asking. 3)Sheautomatically put a 20% tip without asking(again!!!) Good things: 1)She always checked and added water to cups whenever theywere empty without us asking for that. Thanks :) 2)She provided an alternative option for rice that we can not have and asked ifwe have any allergies. Thanks :) 3)She removed plates every minute when they were empty. 4)Overall, the food tastedgood. 5)The food was served quickly. Read more

Farihah Shah 1 year ago

Amazing food and experience. The waitress was so kind and gave us plenty of time to chat and select. She also offered amazing... suggestions. The food comes out quickly and the portions are great for sharing. Highly recommend this stop. Read more

Joanna Bugayong 2 years ago

First time trying here last night and it was great! The food tastes amazing! I was never a fan of middle eastern food but this... one I truly enjoyed :) i loved the Lamb Chops and the Fried Eggplant! My favorite thing about this place is that you get a bangfor your buck! Food servings were massive and delicious ???????? Read more

Isabella 2 years ago

Beautiful restaurant inside. Large and spacious. Servers were attentive. Regular cappuccino - certainty not their strong suit.... Tasted more like a latte and was warm not hot. Cauliflower appetitizer - sooo delicious. Bursting with flavor. Would come backjust for this. It came with a tahini dressing that was very creamy and yummy. Falafel - I never order Falafel because its justtoo dry the past times I've had it but we got it here and to my surprise it was pretty good. Eggplant main - eggplant isflavorful. Comes with grilled vegetables. Rice was luke warm/cold so that was kinda lame but the whole dish wasflavorful. Overall - I'd definitely return and try other things. Also great to come if you don't want meat heavy dishes butwant veges with a punch of flavor. Read more