Reviews for Trail Coffee Co. in Trail, BC

Jeffrey Turcotte 1 year ago

Nice vibe, great service. Good coffee.

Josh Peters 1 year ago

Food was delicious, I had the Mad Wrap on focaccia. Coffee was next level. Great service

Amy Mckay 1 year ago

Lousy. Bad service, burnt French toast and awful coffee. None of us could eat much and couldn?t drink the coffee.

Jasmine Chouinard 1 year ago

Beautiful soups, sandwiches and drink options! Food is delicious and the London fog is unbelievable!

E Hika 1 year ago

Soooo, with the amount of competition in a relatively small town, why would you not put your best foot forward?!? Why would the... person answering the phone be the person least qualified to do so?!? Looked like 3-4 front-of-house people working there when Iarrived to pick up my order, yet the person answering the phone is the only one who struggles with the English language.Couldn?t comprehend a relatively simple two-syllable name, nor the concept of sauce on the side. The staff talking to yourclientele, are the ambassadors for your business. If you can?t nail that down, it doesn?t matter how good your product is.Which, was good, but didn?t justify the exorbitant price tag. I won?t be back? Read more

Janna Detmold 1 year ago

I love coming here. Maddy really made the inside look great since she took over, and it's very friendly to customers who are... going in for the first time with the whole menu written on the wall. They have great sandwiches, great coffee, and my favoritemocha's in town! Read more

Amanda Schmidt 2 years ago

I ordered an old boys clubhouse sandwich. The sandwich was delicious but it normally comes with a handful of chips as a side and... they only gave me 3? It?s a $16 dollar sandwich. Very disappointed Read more

JaimeEatsMusic 2 years ago

This is my favourite place in Trail. Really wonderful food and coffee at excellent prices, the soups are especially delightful.... The service is always friendly and prompt. They keep a good balance between the different drink sizes, which is oddly not thecase at other places in the area where you have to order extra shots to keep the flavour correct on upsized beverages. My onesingle gripe is that recipes aren't consistent between baristas when getting drinks with flavoured syrup. Sometimes a drinkmight be perfect and other times too sweet. Read more