Reviews for IHOP in Tulsa, OK

Lorelie Libetario 1 year ago

I love what I had at IHop: flavored coffee, pancake with blueberry and breakfast set of hash brown, sausage and an egg scrambled... and another over medium. Read more

Susan Greses 1 year ago

This is their *T-bone* steak. It was around $16. As you can see, it's super thin, super under cooked. It is not steak, it's like... a pork chop. It was my mistake for ordering steak at IHOP, but please don't serve this meat to anyone, made me feel sick aftertwo bites. Read more

Phillip Nelson 1 year ago

The waitress was very attentive and very very polite. The food was good service was good and the food came out very quickly. The... humor is part about this experience was didn't look at the bill just handed her $20 bill. She came back a few minutes later andsaid the bill totaled $20 and some sense but it was okay she covered it. Kind of a clumsy experience gave a little laugh but thetip that we left more than made up for the few sense that she made up. The overall experience was very nice and very comfortableany atmosphere was very senior citizens like we are. Read more


Amazing service. Waiters were really nice and attentive to our requests. I visited the place on June with three more people... around 11:00 p.m, and the service was still pretty fast and great. The quality of the food was really good, but not the best. Iwould recommend to go with friends. Read more

Eowyn Queen 1 year ago

This is the best I-hop in town. It is always cleaner than the other ones and the food is better prepared. The chefs here are... better than others, they actually give you flavor on your food. All the food in genuinely supposed to be the same taste andquality but this one has a hint more quality. Of course it's just an Ihop and not a steakhouse so order wisely. The breakfast isalways solid. Read more

Teddi Jean Tusler 1 year ago

5 stars for the staff only. They were literally out of everything. Sugar. Eggs (staff picked up dozens on their way to work),... sauce, beef tips, ranch, tea.....The staff really had to step up. It's not easy explaining to hungry people that they are out of70% of the things they need to make a restaurant run successfully. They were great! Definitely an asset to that place! Read more

Gabriela Pena 1 year ago

Tiny was great thank you for everything also I love her bright personality also even though she was getting yelled at by some... random guy she held her composure. Love her!!! Read more

Kay Brannon 2 years ago

Yeah, food was descent, not the best, but not bad enough for a three star, our waiter did appear a bit overwhelmed by catering... to a couple of tables at a time, but he was pleasant. Read more