Reviews for Texas Roadhouse in Tulsa, OK

Rhea' Smith 1 year ago

This is hands down my favorite place to eat. Its always consistently delicious and cooked as requested. The shrimp, chicken and... steak had great flavor even the baked potato had a nice grill flavor. The service was great as well. Thank you for anotheramazing Birthday Dinner! Thank you! Read more

J Cope 1 year ago

Texas roadhouse has always been the best go to restaurant for steak. The 8pm sirloin is my favorite. Just the right amount for... me. Service is great, food is amazing, and it’s always fun to come! Read more

Jeanne Grace 1 year ago

We went to Texas Roadhouse tonight for my daughters birthday. The waitress must have been busy, because she didn't come around... to often. The food was delicious. There was so much that I had leftovers. I got the small 6 oz steak with ribs and a salad. Mydaughter had the steak with shrimp skewers. Only, they gave her my steak, which I order rare to medium rare. Lol My husband hadthe ribeye with the veggies and my granddaughter had grilled chicken with mashed potatoes and gravy. Everything was good andhot. Only one problem, I gave our waitress a code for a free onion blossom. When our check came, she did not subtract it. Wetried to get her attention, but never saw her again. Just went for a birthday dinner. I like being able to make a reservation online so when you get there, you are seated pretty quickly. If you plan on going here, make sure you register on line. We had a10 minute wait even though I registered. People that just showed up had an hour and 15 minute wait. Read more

Bill Lyness 1 year ago

It was strange I had prime rib come out looking really good medium rare butt when you want to eat it it tasted super dry really... unusual Read more

James Patrick 1 year ago

I have always enjoyed Texas Roadhouse simply because of the atmosphere, courteous people, and consistently great food. My wife... enjoyed the Riley with baked potato and house salad. I had the chicken fried steak, mashed potatoes with white gravy and housesalad. The salad were cold and crisp, we both opted for ranch dressing which we had plenty for the salads. The steaks weregreat and the young lady waiting on us did a great job, not one that bothered you but was consistently checking on us and wasvery courteous. Overall a great experience. Read more

James Preacher Beck 2 years ago

Why add a picture of a coke? Because our server Andy never let the ice in that glass hit the bottom. Tonight's dinner went... literally perfect. No wait time, great service, food was spot on. This was the first Texas Roadhouse, in forever, that we didnot have to send a steak back. 8oz strip and 8oz sirloin, both perfect. Back to Andy, it was his first night on his own?? Neverwould have known. Very attentive, knew the menu, and asked us about dessert BEFORE he brought us the check. Good hire!Obviously, good training as well. We will be back! Read more

Through the Looking Glass 2 years ago

If you can’t make your mind up where to eat… Texas Roadhouse is always a good choice for consistency. The Cesar salad never... disappoints and the 4 piece fish dinner is hearty. I love the frozen drinks here! I’ve have also always had really goodattentive service. Read more

ROXTARXD 2 years ago

My dining experience in this restaurant was fantastic; the rib eye steak was amazing, and I had baked potatoe and broccoli on my... side. It was inexpensive and less costly than red lobster. We gave a 20-dollar tip for the waiter. The place was packed; somepeople were waiting outside, and there was a group of individuals waiting outside. Read more