Reviews for Abner's Famous Chicken in Tupelo, MS

Michael Neely 1 year ago

What happened to Abners? Did yall just quit trying? This place hands down used to have the absolute best chicken tenders, fries,... and Abner sauce. I don't know if they just ran up on hard times and had to change up some food costs..but I haven't had thatoriginal abners feel in many years. I give 4 stars bc I sincerely hope that one day I can walk inside and taste that classicabners snack plate combo. Not whatever cheap chicken fell off the sysco truck and fries doused in seasoning salt. Come on guys,you can do this! I'll be and have been patiently waiting for you to get better mngmt and quit being cheap on your food. Thanks! Read more

Linda Thorn 1 year ago

The grilled chicken was somewhat chewy, the slaw bland, the fries were good though. The honeymustard seemed to be watered down.... The order was correct and nothing was missing. I used the drive thru and the young lady could use some work on courtesy. I wantAbners to work! I've been a loyal customer since they opened. I hope they can get it together. Read more

Serena you 1 year ago

Loaded fries are sooooo darn good yummmmmmmmmmm I had good and bad from here over the years, chicken always pretty good, omg I... love loaded fries swimming in cheese n bacon Read more

Raul 1 year ago

Food was pretty good. TENDERS fresh. BUT why yall put salt in your slaw?

Caroline Koon 2 years ago

We were overcharged because the worker at the counter could not figure out how to substitute one sauce for another. She ended up... charging us for a completely different (and more expensive) wrap altogether, just because it came with the sauce we wanted!There were two other small errors on our order as well, but we did not have time to go back and remedy them. The food was ok,but we feel like it was overpriced and the workers were not competent at their jobs or very friendly. Read more

Brian Perry 2 years ago

DO NOT worry about the negative reviews. This location has always been A+ everytime I have been there. Today was no different. I... arrived right when they opened at 11 AM. The employees were friendly and helpful and the food was GREAT as always. The tablesand floor were clean and so were the bathrooms. I will continue to be back over and over no matter what other "chicken place"opens in Tupelo. Keep up the great work. Read more

scarlett anglin 2 years ago

This place used to be good but now it is awful. Placed a to go order over the phone on 9/14/21 around 3:40 in the afternoon at... the Tupelo, MS location. Employee who took the order was very rude. When we went to pick up the order, restrooms were out oforder, place was dirty and food was not worth the $31.00 we paid for it. I ordered a pigskin and I honestly believe it was leftover from the day before (picture included). They told the one picking the order up that everything was in the bag. There was nofork, no butter and no sour cream for my pigskin baked potato. Now how are you supposed to eat a potato with no fork or spoon.The potato skin was so hard and dried out, it was pitiful. Do not waste your money on this place. 6 chicken strips and frieswith bread cost 16.80. A dried up potato and 2 chicken strips cost 5.50. A drink was 2.25. Extra sauce .40. 2 pieces of bread.50 each. Ridiculous. I will never be back! Read more

Altýräen Evenstar 3 years ago

Disclaimer: My experience here deals almost solely with the store in Tupelo, MS. I have eaten here many times throughout my... life. This store has never been very timely. But the food was always pretty good. In my opinion, they are quite overpriced forwhat they are (2 to 3 dollars more expensive than Zaxby's, with the price being close to on par with a more upscale restaurant),and you are almost always better choosing a different location similar to them. That's my experience.... But today....oh,today....I have never used their drive thru before, but today we had need of it. We sat in line behind 4 or 5 vehicles forbetween 35 and 45 minutes. We sat at the intercom for maybe 5 to 10 minutes before they ever even took our order. We shut offthe vehicle behind the car at the window because we sat behind them for so long and were wasting gas. We could have been about30minutes late to an appointment, if the other people we were meeting weren't also late. When we finally pulled up to thewindow, and paid, the young lady at the window didn't seem to be in any real hurry, though she apologized for the wait. Shetalked a bit with coworkers as she worked, and took her time, but I don't want to deny people a healthy work environment. Istill wanted to give them some slack, since I know that covid has left many places shorthanded (though there seemed to be plentyof people there) and dealing with other issues etc etc etc....but when she got my drink ready and was handed my food....she satthere joking with a coworker WITH MY FOOD IN HER HANDS for a minute or two before she ever actually handed it through thewindow. She didn't seem the least fazed by it either. She wished us a good day and we pulled away. But I have never lost so muchrespect for a particular establishment in my remembered life. And I would just like to direct people to the exact location ofZaxby's down the road, who are cheaper, generally far faster, and in some ways personally more preferable (though eq Read more