Reviews for Little Caesars Pizza in Tupelo, MS

Gitaria Deloach 1 year ago

Well the staff was courteous however, The food was disrespectful.... ???? It was undone in the middle for what I paid for it and... I will not be back! Read more

Marshall Monroe 1 year ago

Busy place, food was good though. Service was okay. Overall good meal cheap.

Alexis Dillard 2 years ago

Their food is great. I've called 3 times times to place an order and no one answered either time

Lisa Davis 2 years ago

We have pizza night once a week. We have to feed 6 people, so not only do we enjoy the fresh, hot and delicious pizza, the... cost is great. Read more

Jessie Litaker 2 years ago

I ordered through DoorDash and it was amazing! It did not taste like fast food pizza. They didn?t skimp on sauce and cheese.... They were extremely fast and the food was hot while our drink was cold. Great job! Read more

Amy Allen 5 years ago

It's ok, but look at your pizza before you leave. I had an incident where it looked as if they took one of the easy pizzas and... made it into a supreme. You could tell because the toppings a actually fell off when we picked it up. The lady said,"it isaccording who makes and that I should have asked for extra cheese." I call silly because everybody knows when you make anotherpizza into something else that it didn't start out to be, you add cheese to make the topping stick. It was a let down.???? Read more

Bird Dog 5 years ago

Their pizzas a usually good. Service was Great in the past. Last couple of times I have been in my local one they did not have... any pizzas waiting to be purchased I mean, their signature hot and ready. Tonight, everybody had to wait in their order to becooked. To make it worse, I had to recut my pizza. By the way mine was cut, I would say they did not take the time or did notcare Read more

Janice Angle 7 years ago

Ordered 2 custom pizzas and waited 15-20 min. Returned and they gave me 2 of the hot and ready that were not as fresh. Very dry.