Reviews for McDonald's in Tupelo, MS

John 1 year ago

Dining room stays closed and is drive-thru only. Just left there after wanting a sit down breakfast. This was at 10:15 AM. Don't... advertise yourself as a dine-in restaurant when you keep the doors locked. Read more

Johnna Ashmore 1 year ago

They are so rude and always get your order wrong . And the place could use a heavy duty cleaning. No matter what you get it all... taste the same. Read more

Bruce Thomas 1 year ago

I travel the country for my job and I can say that by far this is the worse Mc Donald's I have visited. First bad experience We... go through drive thru , order our food, make it to the pay window and have the lady there a $20 (order came to $16 and somechange) lady working there tells us that we need to pay with smaller bills because she don't have enough change for the $20.(how do you not have enough change during lunch. To not be able to give back around $4) when we asked the lady to get change sheyelled at us I don't have time for all that. Second bad experience dine in. Waited 10 mins for someone to even greet us at thecounter even though 5 different employees seen us standing there waiting. After ordering it took close to 15 minutes to get ourfood. Sat down to eat and the order was all wrong. When we took it back to get the order fixed (waited about 10 mins at thecounter before so.eone finally came to help) they acted like it was a hassle to fix our order. Today was the final straw wentto dine in and lobby was closed. When we tried to open door the employees standing behind the counter just stood there andlaughed at us. No customer service the employees are there for their paycheck only not to earn it. Read more

Tracie Oliveras 1 year ago

The woman in the drive thru would not take our money because she didn't have change so we had to go somewhere else for food so... my question is what kinda fast food place is McDonald's when they can't even make change and the drive thru people are rude....Poor customer service here in Tupelo Read more

Daniel Alexander 1 year ago

I wish there was a negative rating! Because I would give it a negative 100 points! Worst group of idiots I have ever dealt with!... I wasn?t even finished with my order and the jerk woman on the speaker told me that?s enough for you to order come to the nextwindow! When all we ordered were two 6 piece happy meals and I explained we didn?t want apples. I will take my business toSaltillo Ms for my kids especially since the racist comments made to me by the order woman that had no name tag! She told meto take my white a$$ somewhere else when I wasn?t ugly nor had an attitude! Place needs to be shut down, and bulldozed! It?s agood thing I?m not the hot coffee spilt on me type! Read more

E U 1 year ago

They don?t even deserve one star. I don?t know who the morning shift is but they can?t even cook/ heat up breakfast, much less... make a iced coffee. DONT EVEN TRY TO GO BACK IN AND GET YOUR ORDER CORRECT you will be yelled at by the front of the house lady.She swears she don?t know who made the order & she definitely don?t mind letting you know ?it?s not her problem?. Someone fromthe back had to come up to her and push her back while telling her (we aren?t gonna do this today calm down) because she wasscreaming so loud and was on her way to approach me (: all because I asked if they would remake my iced coffee that was scoldinghot with melted ice in it. Girl needs a job, hobby, or something because it sounds like it happens a lot. This McDonald?sdefinitely needs a knew crew they were all screaming at each other that?s all you could hear in the drive through line as well.I have bad mornings too everyone does but I work and treat people accordingly this is unacceptable for such a easy job. Read more

Tuesday McCall 1 year ago

The young man who took order was excellent, courteous. Young lady who gave me my good didn't even look out the window to see... if I had the drink carrier before letting it go. I was given the wrong size beverage, another employee yelled at me when I askedfor clarification about the size of the drink. Read more

Katy Pruett 2 years ago

I walk in the dining room, and stand there. They saw me walk in, and let me stand there. Then 3 minutes later, a lady said they... couldn't take my order. She said the lobby is closed. But the door was unlocked, and no sign on the door. I'm hauling a large &tall trailer, I couldn't pull through the drive thru! Extremely angry! I walked over to this McDonald's, because I couldn't pullin the parking lot. Read more