Reviews for O'Charley's Restaurant & Bar in Tupelo, MS

Mr Mogul 1 year ago

I brought my family who visited from Chicago to O?Charleys for dinner. We waited 2 hours for our food. When we got our food... orders were wrong, the bought out the sides but not main dishes. The plates were piping hot while food was cold. This picturebelow is of baby back ribs and mash potatoes. The food was not fresh, disgusting and the presentation horrible. My family and Iwas starved but we could not eat the food. The server was great but what chef would let this type of food leave their kitchen? Irespect that times are hard and workers are few but food has to remain quality. Read more

Dawn Bittles 1 year ago

All of the food was good, but when we ordered dessert they were out of ice cream. This location is across the street from... Walmart. Why wouldn?t you have ice cream??? Then, we paid cash and the waitress decided to round up the change in therestaurants favor. Isn?t that something that should?ve been discussed with the customer and not assumed? We saw nothing postedthat said if we were paying cash, it needed to be exact. Read more

Julie Kramer 1 year ago

Service was nice. Chicken tenders were overcooked and hard. We are regular patrons at O'Charlies and will continue to be. Maybe... our next outing there, the food will be better. Read more

keely porter 1 year ago

There?s only one employee here we?ve had a good experience with and she usually works behind the bar. Well we sat at a regular... table today and waited almost 20 minutes and nobody showed up to our table, but 6 different servers walked past our table. Wegot up and left, pretty sure nobody even knew. The hostess did say it was her first day but the servers who walked past ourtable multiple times should be ashamed Read more

J M (Country Jack) 1 year ago

Over priced and not a good deal for nutrition. Order fish and chips for 12.99. Received 6 dinner rolls for one person. Fish... portions were very small and the plate was covered in fries to make it look like a lot of food. Never received any Cole slaw.Asked for malted vinegar and the waiter came back with a small plastic cup for dipping of about 1 teaspoon of the vinegar. Iasked for more and I heard them say, I guess I will bring you the bottle of the stuff. Place isn't, in my opinion, worth evenstopping by. I won't be back! Read more

Anthony McConico 1 year ago

I took away one star compared to my first visit. Hostess was gonna seat me at table in a straight back chair with no cushion... before I asked for something softer. Waitress was efficient enough. First straw she placed landed on the floor and she picked itup and I'm not sure if she replaced it or gave me the same one. I asked for a go box and she brought 2 sandwich sized, sayingthat's all they had. In that case I wonder what they'll do for the approaching dinner rush. I still tipped slightly above 20percent because I know food service workers depend on tips to make it. I got the feeling she assumed I wouldn't tip. I've heardsome restaurant employees claim black people don't tip. Well I'm a black person who does, unless the service or food is veryunsatisfactory Read more

Terri Knowles 1 year ago

If I could give a negative to the star I would, waited 30 minutes and no one came to wait on us. Ppl came in after us, was... seated and had their drinks rather quickly with server waiting to take their order. So we left, 2nd time this has happened to usat a OCharleys restaurant, so we will not try them again. Read more

Sherrie R 2 years ago

Tenders hard, potato skins dry and half burnt on appetizer plate . Cole slaw very vinegary. And got left off plate. Had to wait... for it. Got the cod and 1 crab cake mac and cheese ( noodles under done and cheese watery.) Potato soup. Forgotten had to askfor it. ( 3 PC of potato and cheese and water. ) Left almost all of sides. Put trash on plates and server asked if we werestill working on them? Wt???? As going out the door server told us to have a good day and come back and I said NO we will notbe back. No answer from him. Read more