Reviews for Sbarro in Tupelo, MS

Tupelo Game Days 1 year ago

Like Michael Scott, this is my favorite New York style pizza place. Always great!

Julie Conwill 1 year ago

So, the food is always great! My daughter always gets a slice of cheese pizza and I always get the amazing ziti and garlic... breadsticks. They are needing employees terribly so it took quite a while to get waited on and get our food. That being said, Ifeel like they needed to be more efficient in how they did things. They kinda took their time and was cracking jokes. We didwitness a girl go off on the male employee that was making pizzas so that was entertaining???????? Overall we love Sbarro andwill continue to eat there anytime we're in the mall????????????? Read more

Amanda Miller 1 year ago

The line moves slowly, but the 4 cheese white slice was worth the wait. My 10 year old always loves the classic cheese slice,... too. The 2 piece NY XL combo is perfect for us to share if we get the drink with very little ice. Marinara on the side anddipping sauces are an upcharge, but go a long way. Carrying your food, drink, napkins, utensils, receipt, etc is tough if youdon't have help. The plates are flimsy and they don't provide trays. I'm a little clumsy, so for me this is a consideration. Read more

Melody Michael 2 years ago

Walked up about thirty minutes before close and two ladies working looked at us several times before they acknowledged us then... were very rude about serving as they were getting ready to close. Flies were on the food under the glass. I declined to order.My son purchased food that wasn't fresh. Read more

Thinkobu 85 2 years ago

Went there and had a great 17" pizza last Saturday (half veggies, half Pepperoni). Great food and great service. Drove there... today only for the pizza. The staffs were different, and they were outright rude to us. Looked like they didn't want people ofcolor to order. At first they said the the 2 1-topping for 25.99 deal can't be ordered. Then they can't do the veggies becauseit's not considered as a single topping (it was, just last week!). Finally they said they can't do the half-n-half (we had itlast week!). Finally decided not to order. Not going back. Worst service ever!! The management needs to train employees to bewelcoming and accommodating to customers of all color!! Read more

Barbie William 2 years ago

Bad service, they refused to take my order because they wanted to close early. Had a horrible experience there,i ordered... pepperoni and cheese pizza it was burned to a crisp i couldn't even chew it. And yes i WILL be CALLING The healthdepartment,this needs to be SHUT DOWN. Read more

Brittany Coleman 2 years ago

Most disgusting pizza place EVER! I waited 1 hour for a simple salad and never got anything,so i went back and ordered 2 ... pepperoni pizzas,Ziti and paid $70 dollars. The worker snatched the money out of my hand and threw the money at me,than i waited3 hours for my food and never received anything. I'm calling the health department on you guys,y'all have rats,roaches and more.WORST PIZZA PLACE EVER!!!!! Read more

Christina V. 3 years ago

I am not one to write food reviews, but I am sorry, but this has to be addressed ASAP. After seeing what I saw, I did not... purchase food from this establishment. I witnessed one worker yawning over the pizza, without covering her mouth. No one washair nets, mask neither gloves, while preparing or serving the food. This is the one that really got me; the worker mixing thecheese was not wearing gloves and was mixing the cheese with her bare hands out in the open. She was also touching othersurfaces, the door and the oven in-between mixing the cheese. This needs to be addressed soon, and I say that because this ishow germs spread, folks get sick and it is beyond unsanitary. This is how business owners loose their business, due to the lackof training and workers not taking pride in their job. I know times are hard right now, but business establishments andcorporations have to care about the health of their customers and workers as well. Thank you Read more