Reviews for Dutch Bros Coffee in Universal City, TX

Dorian Perez 1 year ago

I don't know what they do to the employees... maybe it's unlimited caffeine? maybe it's the work environment? But they are... absolutely infectious with their attitudes and personality. Even more of a bonus: the coffee is as phenomenal as the employeesworking there. 5 stars doesn't cut it this location's at the bar at 10 Stars. Read more

Emily Ann Ibarra 1 year ago

Some of the best customer service! Ordering was super smooth. I recommend the Golden Eagle as it is my favorite.

Esther Huesca 1 year ago

First time going. Was delicious ???? honestly better than Starbucks for sure I can actually taste the coffee. Ladies were super... nice. Plus it's close to my job. They for sure going to see me more often now. Read more

sydney epplz 1 year ago

These guys are awesome! I've never been to a Dutch bros before and the gentleman that spoke with us was very kind, respectful,... and helpful. He gave us wonderful suggestions that fit our flavor profile and did not rush us one bit. I wish I remembered hisname because he was wonderful! Read more

Dayva Jo 1 year ago

It's just an ok from me. Ordered 2 drinks and both were too sweet. They weren't terrible, just too sweet for my palate. I had a... hot caramelizer and a watermelon soda. Service was good and workers were friendly. This spot was definitely busy and popular. Iwill try to go back and maybe ask for adjustments in sweetness. Read more

Christine Stewart 2 years ago

I don?t know what they are putting in these kid?s paychecks, but these are some of the happiest, most friendly baristas I?ve... ever come across in over 30 years of coffee drinking. And I mean genuinely happy. Not that fake ?customer service voice? thatmost people (including myself) put on. They are legit happy and positive and nice and kind to each other and their customers. Iabsolutely love coming here. Even if the coffee sucked, which it definitely does not, I would come here just for thefriendliness. I come to this location twice a day: once in the morning and once at night. Yes, I could go to the gas station andbuy coffee for a dollar or just make it at home, but if I?m being honest, I love supporting a business that clearly does so muchto keep such happy employees. Rock on. Read more

Albert O Vega Huyck 2 years ago

We tried it for the first time this week. This location is doing a booming business as appreciated from the steady lines of... traffic every time we pass by. They handle it well and keep the line moving. We both ordered blended drinks -frappe style; theSnickerdoodle and the Wallaby. Fully customizable just like at that big Seattle based chain that's everywhere. They were bothquite good. We also got 2 muffin tops. Both were kind of a let down. They came out cold and in prepackaged plastic. The flavorswere muted and consistency was a bit rubbery. The only snack choices are those muffin tops or a granola bar. I hope they expandthe choices in time. Pricing is on par with the Seattle chain which is unfortunate. Two small blendeds and 2 muffin tops werenearly $16. My hope is to someday see a Tim Hortons here in SATX. Read more

Caley Cunningham 2 years ago

Finally got a chance to try Dutch Bros and they knocked it out of the ballpark! I very much enjoyed the Golden Eagle, Blue Rebel... Glacier Peak and Peppermint cold brew. The majority of their drinks can be made sugar free which provided a lot of options.Overall highly recommend! Read more