Reviews for Long John Silver's | KFC in Upper Sandusky, OH

Rose Richards 1 year ago

For a KFC they only had wings and 1 breast. The food from the long John silvers menu was so greasy. The hushpuppies and fried... class were good. The cashier was alright. Read more

Randy Manak 1 year ago

Wow ????!!! I don?t eat out often because I like to save money and I bring food with me!!! But today I tried some fast food... instead of a family restaurant. Let me tell y?all !! You gotta try this chicken!! Hope y?all enjoy!! Wish it was cheaper but Ionly got bones left !! You get the bones for free if that interest you? Read more

Leslie Sampsel 1 year ago

Time on website doesn't match the time the restaurant is actually open. They close at 9pm.

Michael Knox 1 year ago

My food as usual was great! The older lady that I assume is a manager of some sort in insufferable and rude. I was shocked at... how she talked to the other employees and to me and my fellow customers. It was 730 and she was loudly complaining about useating inside and she'd have to clean. Then told a new customers they could only eat inside if they cleaned up after themselves.If she was joking. She really needs to work on her delivery.... however there's not one bit of me that feels she wasjoking. This is a frequent stop for me while Trucking but I'm not sure I can handle many more exposures to her and continue todine here. Read more

John Geyer 2 years ago

Hush puppy's as hard as a rock and why would you give us ranch dressing with a fish order and no tarter sauce, we usually get a... bucket of tenders and they are thin and like chewing rubber, you have for ever lost my business. Read more

Megan Fisher 3 years ago

Ordered eight pieces of fish and all eight pieces were either over-done or had been sitting around awhile; super dry on the... inside of the breading, and the breading was a super dark like the oil should have been replaced. We have purchased from thislocation three times before without issue. Not sure what is going on, but hopefully they get it together since they are the onlyLJS in the area. Read more

Sarah ?Lilly? Lilly 4 years ago

Worst experience that I could of been served. Ordered large mashed potatoes for 2 sides, 2fish two-piece fish, green beans and... hushpuppies. When I got home there was a large macaroni and cheese which I despise from KFC because their combined my wholereason for ordering was because I wanted the mashed potatoes so my partner gets back from 15 minutes away with macaroni andcheese Hudl open up so tartar sauce and put it on my fish after griping about the mac and cheese for 5 or 10 minutes and it'sspoiled so,,,; now I'm down to one piece of fish to hush puppies I don't eat and a little bit of green beans that I split withmy partner. Read more

Dominic Mogg 8 years ago

Let me start with how i ordered a Super sampler platter, and the potatoe wedges were old and gross, i tried them infront of the... guy and said it outloud and he just looked at me like whatever eat em..i made them remake more, if i had tried the fish i wouldahad that remade, it to was old and gross, i woulda told the shift manager there, but it didnt seem like she cared to much as shewalked past the two kids hugging and kissing all over eachother by the heating cabinets, that shift manager seems like sherather be friends with the crew then run a decent restaurant. My dad ordered after me but got the pot pie from KFC, which wasalso old and gross, it been sitting in the heater so long that it didnt even have any sauce inside everything was dry, welaughed but its really not funny when you spend 13 bucks and get a crappy meal and service, this store manager really needs toknow what night shift is doing to there business. But i aint been there during the day shift so who knows..ill be making a callin the morning to the GM for sure Read more