Reviews for Sonic Drive-In in Vacaville, CA

lyncoln lim 1 year ago

Service was horrible. Several customers had to go and find an employee for our food. They made an excuse they all went away for... lunch because it was super slow during the lunch hour then big rush of multiple orders came at 1 pm. The food was very good.They never bothered to find my car . After 40 minutes later, i alproacjed them.They made me a new order. Read more

Mike Simon 1 year ago

Terrible. I?ve lived here for 4 years now, and not one single time have they had less than half of their drive ups closed. They... have around 25, today they have FOUR of them opened. Four. I would understand if this was a rare occurrence, but it?s everysingle time I come. Not even sure why I bother coming anymore, half the time I cancel my order and go somewhere else. Read more

Phillip Roberts 1 year ago

I requested a double cheeseburger with no mayonnaise, just mustard. I got a double cheeseburger that had mayonnaise on it ? ?... and I had to immediately go to the hospital as I am allergic to mayonnaise! I don't know if this makes a difference or not butif you are a person of Color, I'd HIGHLY recommend that you look at your order BEFORE you leave the premises---it seems that thepeople at Sonic in Vacaville have an aversion to getting your order right!!! Read more

Nicholas Fujinaka 1 year ago

The ordering process was pretty easy online. Then, when we had to go in to pick it up (because most of the ordering stalls were... closed), we were told that they weren't taking orders and that we would have to go through the drive thru. Then we had to waitin line for half an hour in the drive thru for some pretty mediocre fast food. I'll save time next time and just go to DerWeinersnitchel. Read more

Audrianna Silifaiva 1 year ago

I come here all the time but this time was a disaster. I parked in a stall and tried to order, but the order taker said the... stalls were full and to use the drive thru. Of course it's going to be full I was parked there. The drive thru line was out theparking lot. I ended up using the app but could not enter my stall. But there were employees delivering food to other cars. Iwent in to the lobby and I see another employee on break eating I asked for assistance and she was really nice and helped meout. My food came out but my drinks did not make it. I checked my food and the burgers were put together very sloppy 1 even had3 pieces of cheese just thrown in there. I asked for my drinks and the young girl took my receipt and still didn't give me whati ordered. I asked for a medium sprite and I got a mini. My tater tots were cold some were cooked and some was not and mychicken strips were burnt. I was so disappointed. I could see through the window and all the kids working there were in phoneslaughing eating and drinking but the paying customers were waiting more than 20 mins. Read more

Alyssa Chan 1 year ago

I love coming to sonic.. but the tots didn't taste that well this time and the mozzarella sticks and the onion rings were kinda... hard. The person who delivered our food gave the food to my boyfriends and said "here you go my guy" oye. Will come back inthe future to see if anything has changed. Read more

Sean Polk 1 year ago

Come here all the time especially during hot days... staff is super friendly and always taking care of there customers..! Make... sure u fill out those surveys for your free route 44 drinks.! Its nice not having to pay sometimes.! Read more

Blanca Fuentes 2 years ago

Their menu has a lot to pick from! The staff on skates delivering food orders was cool to watch. My daughter loved it!