Reviews for Bâton Rouge Grillhouse & Bar in Val-d'Or, QC

Robbo 29 1 year ago

Good service and very good steak

Chang 1 year ago

Good atmosphere, but that's it.

Leif Filion 1 year ago

I have come here 2x as I don't like to judge on 1 experience. The first time the hero burger didn't have the meat they... advertised. This evening I ordered ribs. There were obviously boiled to all hell the meat itself had 0 flavour and they clearlytried to cover that up with a large amount of this BBQ sauce that was worse than generic stuff from grocery store. The frieswere so over salted I couldn't eat them and I love salt. The coselaw however was nice but I do imagine that coming from aprepackaged bag. My colleague ordered gnocchi tonight and veggie they had on top was past it's due date. Service was good thoughI apologized to server for not tipping her more but food was so bad I couldn't in my right mind tip my normal amount. Read more

Debovsky 1 year ago

Service was great. Very slow but great. Food was terrible. Overcooked shrimps, overdue ingredients in the salad, too much of the... same BBQ sauce all over. To top it all off, OVER PRICED.!!! When you ask that kind of money for food, you'd better be on top ofthe pile for that. I've had dinner at that place a few times for the past year and meal quality had degraded severely. Gosomewhere else. AVOID that place. Read more

Scott Spencer 1 year ago

Garbage to be avoided at all costs. Especially if you're used to portion sizes of montreal. First time we walked in the place... was empty and we stood there for 10 minutes walked out. second time the service was atrocious and the food sucked. Really sad. Read more

Ron Comeau 1 year ago

Service was excellent...Good time had by all

Leslie M 2 years ago

Prime Rib excellent with mushrooms garlic mash

Sam Ali Albahri 2 years ago

Food wasn't that great. Tiger shrimps were overcooked and rubbery. Ribs were dinged in a very sweet BBQ sauce