Reviews for McDonald's in Val-d'Or, QC

Jacquelyn Fleet 1 year ago

Lady that helped us was super nice. We ordered at the "robot" since we don't speak French. But she spoke Excellent English

Ray Cap 1 year ago

Door was lock.. had to order side window.. but service was fast this time

Debovsky 1 year ago

Edit; It get even worse, they are now closed at 7h30 PM !!! Not opened in the mornings. What the heck.!??

ryan jackson 1 year ago

Very good and quite clean

Damian Poi 1 year ago

Delicious filet o fish cooked fresh from MacDonald's Val dor

Kim Lévesque 3 years ago

Usually excellent service, but this last time was a different story. I ordered 2 Double Cheeseburger meals, one with large... fries and root beer, the other regular size with Sprite, 2 Hamburgers with ketchup only and a 6 McNugget meal with Diet Coke.The young man taking the order repeated everything we asked for and the speaker system was working fine. I checked thateverything was in the bag before leaving, but when I got home, I had a few surprises. I got hamburgers instead of cheeseburgers(all 4 of them), the hamburgers with ketchup only had the tags on them but were regular hamburgers, 10 McNuggets instead of 6(which is what was billed, but not what was ordered), and a large iced tea instead of the root beer. The other drinks wereOK. We also had 6 straws (3 drinks, remember?) and 6 bbq sauce packs. 42$ is what it cost. I was NOT impressed! Sadly Icouldn't find the bill either, otherwise I would have filled out the online survey. Read more

Red Carpet Productions 3 years ago

The friendliest staff I've ever come across at a McDonald's. Every employee is smiling as they talk and very cheerful. Whoever... is training the staff here deserves a raise and a promotion to become district manager. Read more

Nelson Coronado 5 years ago

All Macdonalds are relatively the same but I know for a fact that they are short staff in this one. However the employees are... always running and making everything possible to make sure people get their stuff fast. A big thank you for those who go outsideto deliver the mobile orders with no jacket at -20. The reason I gave 5 stars for this one is for their great customer service.???? Read more