Reviews for J&J's Pizza Shack in Valparaiso, IN

bri dupre 1 year ago

I ordered a pizza with just cheese and garlic and it was disgusting. I usually order from here but it was my first time trying... something different and I didn't want to eat 50 pgarlic cloves on my pizza, I thought it was like a sprinkle. There was way toomuch sauce and I couldn't even eat one slice. I called the next day since by the time I ate my pizza it was late and they wereclosing, I asked for a refund on just the pizza part since everything else was ok. I was told they can't do refunds the next daybut she would look into it and get back to me. Well that was several days ago and no one's gotten back to me. $50 down thedrain. I guess they only care if you call the day off and they won't help you otherwise. Because of how my complaint wasn'thandled or resolved I will no longer be ordering from here. Even dominos will at least give you a credit if you don't likesomething and tell them the next day. Read more

RL Dale 1 year ago

Ordered from here for first time yesterday. Pizza and garlic bread were great. Price is very reasonable. Quick delivery.

Michael Ellerman 1 year ago

Absolutely loved the stuffed crust pizza's! It's very filling and with having a large family of 7 its the best mix of quality... and quantity. Kids absolutely love your food. Read more

dl massa 1 year ago

The food is really good, but nothing in the world can make up for the obnoxious woman running the counter who acts as if she's... doing you a favor by taking your money. Short, dumpy woman with jet black hair that she obviously cuts herself and all thecharm of a concentration camp guard. Also, ordering by phone, is again, like you are doing them a favor by giving thembusiness. Sometimes good food is outweighed by some of the most rude service anywhere. Sorry, but there are too many placeswith good pizza in the area to waste time on a group of people who obviously don't appreciate the people. Tried three times. All three times, good food, but horrible, horrible service and attitude. Support local businesses that appreciate your money andtime. Read more

LaKura Harrison 1 year ago

The first time I came I got pizza, wings & fried mushrooms on that visit everything was good including customer service. So,... yesterday was my 2nd visit and the pizza and customer service was ok, but as for the wings and fried mushrooms I can't say thesame. The wings & mushrooms had weird smell to them, and the taste was even worse. It seems as though the fryer needs to becleaned or either the grease needs to be changed. Hopefully management will consider doing this. I just hate that I wasted mymoney like that. This was enough to make me never come back to this location. Read more

Teri Camery 1 year ago

Wish I would of read reviews before I came in would of stayed away. Sausage sandwich is not worth the money. It covers 3/4 of... the bun and it has more sauce than cheese. I was told if I wanted chunk sausage to order it and It was not a good choice. Staffcould be friendlier. This place has changed. Stick with gelsosomos. Read more

Tiffany (Tiffy) 1 year ago

Seriously short staffed. Staff was rude. The staff taking orders were very confused and didn't know what items they had on their... menu. I asked if she was new, she said no. Got food almost two hours after ordering. We were told an hour on delivery. After anhour and a 1/2, I called. I was told the food had "just left". It was another half hour before it showed up. I live less than 5mins from the store. We should've just picked it up. I asked the driver if he more deliveries before ours. He said "no, he'djust left the store." The food was cold. We were missing items. We were shorted almost a dozen wings. The poppers were stillfrozen in the middle. The breaded mushrooms were wet & cold. The pizza was stuck to the paper, they didn't use wax paper to keepit from sticking. I paid a hundred dollars for sh!t food. They said they'd replaceme food if I came in and brought theirmistakes. We already waited two hours. I said at that point, I was just done. It would've been a poor decision to go in asfrustrated as I was. We ate here almost every weekend. The last 3 visits have left us dissatisfied and disgusted. 3 strikesthey're out. They lost more loyal customers. Read more

J B 1 year ago

A true pizza joint. I always enjoy the meat pie for a nice hearty slice. Gotta love their party size pizzas too, the novelty of... a giant pizza doesn't wear off. J.J.s Pizza is a staple to the region in my opinion. Read more