Reviews for McDonald's in Vidalia, LA

Dan Adams 1 year ago

The people were very nice. All I wasted was a coffee ??. They didn't have any made. I was surprised because it was in the... morning and most people drink coffee in the morning. But they made me some, but the man made me a coffee before it was donebrewing. It was to strong for me to drink. Read more

George Mott 1 year ago

Drive in only in Vidalia LA by the time we grabbed something for the road,fast and the girl at the window was good with some guy... singing the "I'm lovn it" song from the add the have.I like happy people and it just adds to your service! Read more

Amanda Wiley 1 year ago

I love the people and the food, but I hate that they make me pull ahead every single time I go through the drive thru. That part... is always irritating. Read more

Ann Kelly 1 year ago

I ask for the McChicken with everything on it.I know that it doesn't come with everything, but if I request everything that ... what I should get. After putting me to side only thing was on the sandwich was one pickle and small amount mayonnaise. Also,fries were cold and the cinnamon roll was hard. This all happen around 11: 00 am. Read more

Wendy Adams 1 year ago

This place has went downhill since my last visit there in 2021. The food is okay, well that's if you get all of it & the... fountain drinks are LUCKY to have 3-4 pcs of ice...GOD forbid you ask for more ice!!! That's just a sin in their eyes! Read more

Carmelita Layne (Karma) 1 year ago

We ordered ahead through their app, and the food was made quickly upon our arrival, it was hot & fresh. Staff was patient,... friendly, & helpful. They were busy, but still clean. Read more

Morgan Simmons 2 years ago

Never been inside this one yet but our drive thru experiences are very one sided depending on the day. Either everything is... right and we get no straws or missing requested sauces, or something is wrong or just missing entirely from the order. The foodis good, however the frappes are never the same. This is a fast food place and the fast food expectation in today's world. Theemployees here are kind however all the time. Read more

Carolyn Hutchins 4 years ago

I waited 20-25 min for a single ice cream cone. While 2 managers sit talking with 8 orders on the board and no one servicing the... front counter. The cashier was past time to get off and doing her best to help. Very poorly run McDonalds. Restaurant was cleanand has a nice play area. Read more