Reviews for Sonic Drive-In in Vidalia, LA

Olivia Smith 1 year ago

Vidalia Sonic is the BEST!! My morning Route 44 Rootbeer is always delivered quickly and with a smile ????

Amanda Wiley 1 year ago

I don?t usually review a place more than once, but after the experience I?ve just had I felt the need. If you want to know if a... restaurant is worth the money you spend, you must observe how the employees behave when things aren?t going perfectly. I ordereda Route 44 drink, but they were out of cups in that size. My carhop, Adara, was so sweet and professional in the way she handledit. I wasn?t angry about the situation, of course, but she still went above and beyond to make sure I left happy. I, once again,give Sonic 5 stars. Adara gets 10! Read more

Angie Hollowell 2 years ago

I love the Sonic in Vidalia. The staff is always friendly and efficient. I haven't ever had a complaint at this Sonic.

Morgan Simmons 2 years ago

It's very mixed here. Our orders come out to us wrong quite a bit here, but it's still good as far as sonic goes. At night time... their sweet tea always seems to be what's left of the sweet tea mixed with their unsweetened to stretch it or something. Halfthe time you get a super happy employee, and other times you get one that doesn't even talk to you or respond when you saythank you, just a head nod. Really just depends on when you go what your experience will be. Read more

Azrael lxl 2 years ago

Everything at this place is broken all stalls on one side don't work. More than half stalls on other side work.! This issue has... been going on for little over a year now Read more

Sharon Taplin 2 years ago

I gave this rating because of the service I received. I used my Sonic app to place a order. I was waiting on my order that... never came. I asked a server about my order, he checked and said it was never checked in. I told him I had checked in gavehim the time and stall number. Of course they didn't show where I checked in. The manager refused to replace the order with afresh hot order. I knew that app orders would not be replaced after a certain time, and no refund.But not to acknowledge itcould have been a mistake on their part, they didn't seem concerned. I was very disappointed in their service. I did reportthis to the Sonic customer service. I told them they could keep the refund, because it was the service I received, because Iwas a regular customer there. Customer service was very kind and refunded me. We all make mistakes in life and most certainlycomputers as well as humans. I will be going back to Sonic again, but not that one. Read more

Tim C 2 years ago

They were super busy and I thought I was in for a long wait, came out fast and everything was good. Wish I had some cash on me... to tip the sweet girl that brought my food. If you guys come here don't forget to take care of your server for me. THANKS. Read more

Ace Winter 2 years ago

Service has definitely changed and not for the better. Order was rushed and had to stop many times and tell her we wasn't done.... Carhop was rude as well. Definitely needs to up their game there compared to 6 months ago. Read more