Reviews for McDonald's in Washington, IA

Natalie Miller 1 year ago

I was very impressed with this Washington, IA McDonalds. When I was in there a couple months ago, they happened to be out of... multiple sandwich toppings and other regularly ordered items because of an unexpected event going on in town that week. Theyoffered different items on my sandwich, since they couldn't make what I ordered, and it was even better!! Afterwards, when Iasked, a very friendly employee explained to me why they were out of things. They turned what could have been a negativeexperience for me into a good one and were very pleasant to talk to. Read more

Scott Coyle 1 year ago

Ever since O'Brien gave back his families stores, they've gone down hill big time. Especially this location, as many morning... employees have become increasingly rude. This is the final morning I will ever come to this location in the morning. Read more

Karen M Haskell 1 year ago

I will not be back to this McDonald's. My fires were raw not hot like I asked. My sandwiches were cold. I paid 12.00 and... couldn't eat any of it. People always check your order before leaving. If I wasn't so tired. I would have taken it back. Iworked 13 hours today and yesterday. To tired to take the drive back. Read more

Samuel Johnson 1 year ago

This place needs an over haul inside is atrocious. There is sticky spilled stuff off over the soda machine counter fries all... over the floor and there are t-shirt boxes just thrown around. The kiosks are all down for our safety which is just silly, ittook forever to get my food and my burger came out wrong it was not a good experience at all I would seriously be embarrassed toown this place. Going through the drive is fine no issues but eating inside makes this place 1 star. 3/20 update nothing insidehas changed still disgusting I ordered through the app it took 15 minutes to get food and my Dr. Pepper magically turned into adiet coke. I think it may be time to make some changes. Also don't blame being short staffed because the drive thru went justfine 7/20 update, inside is much cleaner less clutter laying around decently faster and accurate. 3 stars now Read more

Denyse 1 year ago

The food was ok. It was the service I felt was exceptional! Patient kind and helpful, with a smile from start to finish. It was... as if they wanted to be at work. Thank you! Read more

Charlie Limoges 1 year ago

Got there around a little after 10 pm. I went inside the door unlock as normal. I asked if they were taking orders. This lady in... a uniform. She came unglued. Started hollering at me. Said the dam door should be locked. We are not open inside go outside. Ileft not sure if I will go back to that place again Read more

Tyson Newcomer 2 years ago

Id say someone isn't sure what a large fry is goes wonderful with a overcooked quarter pounder make twice this has happened they... sure do hand 15 an hour out to anyone these days Read more

Zachary Smith 2 years ago

Apparently this is their idea of extra pickles. I think I?ve never been through this McDonald?s without having to call them and... complain about something that was wrong. And the young kid that took my order was pretty rude to top it off. Read more