Reviews for Pizza Hut in Bay St Louis, MS

Jazmine Beard 1 year ago

I was calling to place an order and the lady hung up in my face on purpose while i was placing an order. I called back to report... it to the manager Cameron and he did not even care. He took hers side. Never giving this place my money again Read more

Cynthia Dauzat 2 years ago

I ordered pepperoni pizza online and got cheese pizza. The local store in bay st louis, ms would not give me the pizza I wanted.... So I had no pizza to eat and was very dissatisfied with the service. And the pizza was cold. Read more

Nicky D 2 years ago

Toppings were sparse and the dough was chewy. Weve eaten at this pizzahut more than 5 times and have never had any complaints.... Yesterdays pizza was very dissapointing. For the price, we expect better quality.. thats why we chose pizzahut. We will tryother chains before we try pizzahut again. Read more

Amanda Hallaran 2 years ago

I ordered the 16 boneless wings and was very disappointed. The taste of the sauces were good but had barely any sauce. What did... have sauce was soggy. And the containers it came in were all bent up so the grease or whatever from the park garlic wings hadmore grease in the bag than the wings did. Read more

JoAnn Bartz 2 years ago

I ordered a pizza and 3 orders of chicken wings with 4 blue cheese dressings. I received a call and was told no delivery... because they had no drivers, we had to pick up my order. The lady was very nice and friendly/apologetic. when we got our orderhome there were no Blue Cheese dressings. About $3.00 worth of product missing? Then about 60 minutes after we ate, my husbandand I both had to make a mad dash for the restroom. We both had horrible Diarrhea. My husband only ate the hot wings I ate thepizza and felt fine. We thought maybe he caught a bug. Then later I had some hot wings and we were fighting over the bathroom. Still hungry, I ate more pizza. I was fine. Later after I tried the wings again, I was back in the bathroom again withhorrible Diarrhea. Read more

Kisha Taylor 3 years ago

I ordered easy sauce and it came loaded with sauce. We called up there and "John" said he personally made my pizza and he only... used a half cup of sauce.....so im posting my pizza easy sauce pictures. He wouldn't replace my pizzas bc "he" made them both.They usually put easy sauce when we ask. But tonight "John" wasn't offering any kind of customers service. I order 3-4 times aweek and all the sudden im trying to get a free pizza??? No im trying to get my pizza the usual way I get them. "Easy sauce" badcustomer service "John". I just wanted easy sauce, that's all. Read more

num1lsufan 6 years ago

We Went for lunch... We both got the lunch buffet. It was about 12:00 noon. The place was too busy, busy enough to need more of... everything. We started with a salad because the few pieces of pizza at the buffet were very unappetizing to say the least. Theplace progressively got busier, the pizza finally started coming out but when its a mad rush to get up there it is gone in aquick minute. There was only one server and one cook. Poor guy was running his ass off and I felt sorry for him. Pizza was ok,once I got to have some... Read more

Kimmy Trinh 6 years ago

Friendly staffs, great atmosphere, fresh salad bar, and my food came out perfectly