Reviews for Sonic Drive-In in Waveland, MS

Victoria Ladner 1 year ago

If I could leave a 0 star I would, I know someone who goes in place to clean them and whatever but anyways they don?t wear... gloves when handling customers foods and drinks, nor do they was there hands pretty gross. Read more

ralph holiman 1 year ago

It's a Sonic, but it's a 5 Star Sonic. They are good at what you go to Sonic for in the first place. Good food, good price,... quick and efficient service. I usually just get the corn dogs when I'm hungry and in a hurry. Read more

Patricia Kahl 1 year ago

We only really enjoy their shakes and ice cream here... And u didn't let us down!!! And I am happy with my cup of ICE??

Donna C. 1 year ago

Every Sonic is unique. The chicken strip were terrible. The tator tots tasted stale and greasy. So bypass this one on the coast.

Drama Squad 1 year ago

I stopped by for a snack with my teenage daughter when I pulled up the worker said the system would be down for about 10... minutes.. I saw the customer in the next stall get there food? the worker then told me it was up again so I tryed to orderagain? she came out again and said it was down again so I asked why the person next to me got there food she said she didn?tknow so I went inside to ask the manager on duty screamed at me said the order was in before the system went down? she said toleave so I turned to go and she started cussing at me in front of her workers? the other employees were always polite to me andI talked without screaming or cussing!! I have never had an experience like this anywhere else and this woman should not be themanager Read more

Sabrina Wilson 1 year ago

Made an online order for drinks and sat in the parking lot for over 30 minutes. When we hit the button they said they?d check on... our order and then didn?t update us. They didn?t bring our drinks to us for another 20 minutes. I understand being busy orunderstaffed but that was just ridiculous. Everyone who pulled up AFTER us left way before we did. I won?t be coming back tothis location. Read more

Sonni Parker 1 year ago

I?ve given this location several chances and every single time I?m disappointed!! Today I ordered through the app and had my... husband pick it up on his way home for lunch. When he got home I was missing a wacky pack as well as his cheeseburger had onionsand tomatoes when I specifically ordered it WITHOUT. I called and was told to come up there and they?d make it right all to begiven the WRONG KIDS MEAL!!!!! I opted for a refund to be told that I had to contact corporate. When I got home I calledcorporate and was told and word for word was told ?maybe he didn?t know what he was talking about. You have to go to the drivein to get your refund?. I told him I was told due to ordering through the app that I had to contact corporate yet corporate toldme to go to the restaurant. I spent an hour on the phone and was offered two coupons for free product WITH PURCHASE!!!!!! ISTILL HAD TO BUY SOMETHING TO GET SOMETHING FREE!!!!!!! This location has burned me for the last time and I?m over itcompletely. I understand mistakes happen and we?re in trying times but it?s really not hard to just make something right whenit?s wrong. Do better. Read more

M Favre 2 years ago

Food comes out quickly even when super busy. Quality is good. Service is friendly. 8/10 would recommend for fast food.