Reviews for Wendy's in Waynesboro, MS

Yareasia Alexander 1 year ago

2 Meals and 1 Sandwich was $30. It's ridiculous how high things have gotten nowadays. You don't really expect a quick lunch for... two at a fast food restaurant to cost $30, hence the 4-star overall rating. Still, I do realize this is the world we now livein. The food was great and the customer service was awesome. My daughter and I dined in and we were comfortable. TheirLEMONADES are what make ya forget about all that money you paid. I tried a new flavor, I think the young lady said it MangoPineapple???? Very delicious! I will say that the lobby floors always seem to be very slick at least at this Waynesborolocation so proceed with caution. Lol Read more

Eric Degenfelder 1 year ago

This Wendy's location is not military friendly. Stood at an empty counter for over 10 minutes in our uniform after we had... conducted honors for a funeral before anyone would take our order. An older lady that worked there told my friend he wasn'tworth anything. Read more

Don Schwartze 1 year ago

The cashier was pleasant, her name was Ashley, very sweet, is a positive attribute to your restaurant. Please let her know!????

Tiffany Reynolds 1 year ago

Fries were fresh but they forgot one of our burgers so we had to go back in which was kinda aggravating but they apologized and... made fresh sandwich. Bathroom was clean so was the inside of the restaurant. Read more

Amanda Foret (Amanda K Watts) 1 year ago

This Wendy's is on their A-game. Everything was fresh and hot. That sweet tea was on time. Perfect! This chili tho...on point.... I've eaten at Wendy's all over the country and NEVER has it been close to this is Waynesboro, MS. To top it all off, everycondiment, napkin, silverware I needed was in the bag!!! Shut up...it was just over the top. Showin' out!!! ???? Read more

The Journey 1 year ago

We ordered three bourbon burgers with only one being next to warm. The other two were cold and here?s why! RAW! $39+ and the... lady kept the change Read more

October Dufrene 2 years ago

They were incredibly busy when we went and looked understaffed and did a terrific job dealing with angry customers and made... delicious food. I've always had a soft spot for the Waynesboro Wendy's, but I really do recommend coming here when its not busyif you're impatient. Read more

angelo fulladosa 2 years ago

Sat in line for 15 minutes waiting for my food only to get it partially cold, and a medium fry that is half empty.