Reviews for Taco Bell in Wellington, KS

Annette Landwehr 1 year ago

Utilized the drive through for a cheeseburger taco box and a couple of drinks, 2 ???? ahead of me, line moved fast, worker... polite, food yummy, great job today! Read more

kathy smith 1 year ago

Ordered a burrito supreme combo. Got 3 soft tacos that were mostly lettuce with a teaspoon of meat(if that).

Secret Permenter 2 years ago

Food was as good as expected. Tried something new and it was delicious! The most disappointing part of my visit was the fact... that I paid over a dollar more for my slushy than my brother paid for his drink and got less than half the size of drink, butthat?s not their fault. It took longer than I?d hoped to get my food but we weren?t in a rush. Food was good and I never haveproblems with this Taco Bell so! Read more

Christine Mark - Garancosky (Christine Garancosky) 2 years ago

We used their app so when we went in the drive thru our food was ready and correct. Fast friendly service.

Ashley Jade Rose 2 years ago

Just came by this location and I wanted to say that the attention to detail when making the tacos and burritos is top tier. I... have never received such a solid, clean, and perfectly folded burrito from Taco Bell literally ever before this. I want thenight staff from March 22nd to get all the recognition they deserve for this ???????? Read more

Cain Ransom 2 years ago

Worst experience. Costumer service does now exist any more in public. I order from a computer. I pick up from a computer. And... the manager can't do nothing in the store for anyone. Why do I buy from you if you can't help me in the store and I have to calla 1800 number to get my money back. Makes no since to buy anything again. This needs to be fixed. Why do I talk to a person inIndia for problems in a store in the middle of Kansas USA. Read more

cavan schmeidler 2 years ago

I'm glad this particular meal was cheap for 5 of us considering we couldn't eat half of our order due to it not being made... correctly with copious amounts of sour cream that was requested to be removed via the app order! Didn't think you could getworse than McDonald's at screwing up your order but this taco bell just said hold my white claw and watch this! Only giving 2stars because what food we could eat was actually good. Read more

Kayla Murphy 2 years ago

I enjoy being able to grab a quick snack here without breaking the bank!! My food is more accurately made in this small town... location than in the closest big city!! The crew is great at handling any issues and I am glad the lobby is back open! Read more