Reviews for Bun Street in West Covina, CA

Mike Johnston 1 year ago

Came to Bun Street with my niece and sister for a early dinner. It was my first time, and I was very impressed. Located in a... strip of other establishments behind a popular movie theatre. This is a good date place for a burger, tots and drinks before amovie. We were greeted and seated quickly and our server way extremely pleasant. Being my first time, i asked forrecommendations, when the nacho tots were recommended my mouth started to water so of course they were ordered. There are avariety of burgers to choose from and I landed on the El Diablo after hearing it was a 7 out of 10 on the spicy scale. The foodcame out of the kitchen timely. For me the burger wasn?t spicy at all, but my spice tolerance is on the upper end of thespectrum. The burger was cooked well and had good flavor. The Nacho Tots were delicious, tots were crunchy and the jalapeñoswere 7/10 on my spicy scale. The only thing I would suggest is ordering additional nacho sauce on the side. Seemed to me thatthe majority of the sauce on the plate was on the bottom. I will definitely be back to bun street to try other items on themenu, and would recommend others to do so as well. Until next time, thank you Bun Street for a great dinner experience. Read more

seg :* 1 year ago

we come all the way from Ontario to get their braised beef short rib poutine fries ,, worth it !! everything about this place... seems so nice! The customer service is amazing, they?re so sweet here ! And it always smells so bomb in here and the greatquality of food for the price is amazing,, 10/10 recommend !! Read more

Henry Fang 1 year ago

Whenever I'm thinking about a gourmet burger that's right down the street I'm thinking of Bun Street. Does not disappoint. Beer... and burgers what more can you ask for? They also let you customize if you feel like eating something different. Wait staff isfriendly even when you go at closing. Awesome place! Read more

Will Aquino 1 year ago

Incredibly delicious, clean and attentive staff. Consider me thoroughly impressed and will definitely be returning. If you're... looking on Google maps and stumble upon this DO IT. You'll fall in love with their food on the first bite like my husband and Idid. Thank you for the wonderful experience! Read more

Julio Hernandez 1 year ago

Have to say the waitress was very nice and the Carne asada fries was amazing. The kids got mozzarella sticks and they enjoyed... them. Looks like a cool place to have a beer or two. The waitress did forget my beer I ordered but it was fine and didn't chargeme for it. Also wish we had this place here in Arkansas. Read more

Aimee Wilkins 2 years ago

Last weekend after the @renaissancepleasurefaire I headed over to @bun_street for some grub. The food and reviews online looked... good, but the food itself didn't deliver for me. I had the California burger, mac n cheese burger and pizza fries. Of thethree, the mac n cheese burger was probably the best. The mac n cheese is actually pretty good and the meat does have greatflavor. That's all there is to the burger though. A scoop of macaroni, BBQ sauce and burger patty. I felt like it needed more.Maybe I should have added the bacon they offered at an additional charge. As for the Cali burger, the meat was good but it feltvery basic, and the bun was sticky on the bottom and fell apart. For a place called "Bun Street" you'd think the buns would bebetter. Lastly the pizza fries. They reminded me of cafeteria food. You remember when it was pizza day in elementary school andyou got that oval shaped pizza? That's exactly what it tasted like and I don't mean that in a good way. The sauce, if you couldeven call it that, was uttery insipid. After rave reviews about these fries I was really disappointed. Overall, meat good,everything else basic. Would I come back? Probably not. Read more

Sherns Wang 2 years ago

3rd time here! I was craving burgers and Mac and cheese so this was the spot! Their bread is a bit thick but overall the burger... was delicious! Their service is pretty fast! Order and sit yourself. Indoor (pretty big) and outdoor (parking lot) option. Theprice is a bit high for just a burger. You can get a water from them for free though! Do consider parking because it?s hard tofind parking. This is a plaza with lots of shops and parking are limited. I probably waited a good 10-15 minutes. Highlyrecommend for once in a while. Read more

Sheena T. S. 2 years ago

Never dissapoint, they have really tasty burgers and potato dishes. They also have a good selection of beers and... cocktails. Burgers are juicy and so satisfying, the tater tots is crunchy ???? Best spot in town for burger. They haveoutside seating if you're not comfortable eating inside. Read more