Reviews for McDonald's in West Helena, AK

Gk McGinnis 1 year ago

The order menu through the drive through was broken. Some of the items I ordered were not in the bag and the workers were rude... when I told them. We waited 15 minutes for our stuff that was missing. Fries and straws. Read more

C. P. & T. 1 year ago

We got a few big double which tasted fine. The French fries was hot but for some unknown reason it did have that McDonald's... French fries taste that we all love. Not sure why that was. Was the potatoes different? Was the cooking oil different? Was itoperator error? The inside was cleaner that other McDonald's. The bathroom was relatively clean. But there were little to notoilet paper in the stalls. Please have one of staff do a bathroom inspectionore often, and if they already do...please makesure that the toilet paper is refilled. Read more

The Smug One 1 year ago

Today on September 4, we got to this place looking forward to the mcgriddles and hash browns in a meal, not only were they... unable to put it in a meal, we had to order everything individually which costed us more money, my stepmother fell because therewasn't a wet floor sign, they didn't have any ice for our drinks, and we waited an entire hour , just for near stale food.Please to anyone reading this, SAVE YALLS MONEY. If y'all really want McDonald's I'd head to a completely different town orstate. Read more

Christina Ewans 1 year ago

Great service traveling with our large family. The staff handled it with ease. Cashier was very pleasant and efficient.

Tipp 1 year ago

I went there tonight July29h to order a #1 and 2 happy meals. Not only my order was wrong, but I got all the way home to find a... brown hair in my big mac. I tried calling 4 times and got no answer. That is some nasty ish. Read more

Crystal MauriMom 1 year ago

Don't like their food. Takes too long to cook two chicken patties and when u receive them, there not what you expect taste wise.... Chicken hard and too dark looking. I told my boyfriend, I'll never go again. So I'll stick to getting my fast food from ouroriginal spots. Read more

Johanna Summers 2 years ago

I dont understand how it takes 20 mins to make hashbrowns.. my sandwich was dont when they pulled me forward 20 mins ago, yet... here I sit.. and they wonder why people refuse to pull forward for them Read more

Dillon Hess 2 years ago

Using curbside pickup could be faster. They get your order right most of the time. Food is often only averagely hot, would... recommend ordering during lunch hour to make sure the food is as fresh as possible. Read more