Reviews for Wendy's in West Helena, AK

Jenette Brown 1 year ago

It good when fresh sometimes they mess up the order but overall all it will do

Jessica Jrd2022 1 year ago

Yesterday's big bacon classic was one of the best tasting burgers I ever had. Exceptional

Charlie Thornton 1 year ago

The employees were nice, kind and served with a smile.

Mac McKenzie 1 year ago

Fast and friendly service, food was hot when I received it

CBH 1 year ago

Great job Wendy's in HWH !!! Keep the frosty's coming until closing time!!!!

Tommy Harrison 1 year ago

Tried the new strawberry frosty. Was not impressed. Will go back ro the original.

Kelly Watkins 2 years ago

It took at least 25 mins in line. Then we ordered Chili baked potato with butter.Got the order no butter. I ordered a burger... lettuce onion only no cheese. Well I got 2 pieces of cheese. Only good thing was chili and unsweet tea. Rude service. Read more

Pam Crutchfield 2 years ago

Service was super slow. At the drive through the order taker got our orders wrong and then argued with us that we did not know... what we ordered! The order we received was nowhere near what we ordered. 1 star. Read more