Reviews for Little Caesars Pizza in Westmorland, CA

Fateh grewal 1 year ago

Good pizza my order was made in 10 min very fast service.

Louis Romo 2 years ago

The pizza was pretty disappointing. slightier more expensive (1 buck) than usual and its almost as small as a personal pizza,... really stale and hard, literally a frozen pizza that wasnt even heated up properly. the wings are good though. Read more

Zachary Marek 2 years ago

If you're getting Little Caesars, you probably aren't looking for a gourmet deep dish pizza. If you go here, you won't get one-... you'll get a pizza that's a step above frozen pizza, and a step below Dominos or Pizza Hut. And, that's perfectly how I likeit. For $5.99, it's absolutely reasonable. Some of the pizzas are a bit old but I've yet to stumble upon one, so I guess it'snot as big of a deal as other customers assume. It's hot, it didn't get me sick, and it filled me up for cheap- how can Icomplain? Read more

Evie Ford 2 years ago

Good job Westmorland Little Ceasers! Nice and hot! Thanks for being here!!

Suzanne Wiedl 4 years ago

Didn't cut the slices all the way

Omar (Dogg Pound) 4 years ago

It's Koo

Saul A 4 years ago

I always buy pizza from here and let me tell you that this little ceasars needs improvement. First off they have the warming... rack filled with pizzas that have been in there for hours. If you request a fresh baked one and the rack is full you?re out ofluck, also you?re not even allowed to see the actual pizza to see it?s condition. I know that the pizzas that are kept in thosewarm racks are not labeled properly, I know this because I spoke to little ceasars cooperate and asked what do the 1-12 numbersindicate on the side, they told me those numbers indicate the time the pizza was made. So my recommendation to fellow customersis to order a fresh pizza if you can easily wait around 12minutes for a fresh one. I?ve had some of their non accurate labeledpizzas and definitely not buying unless it?s fresh. You also have the right to ask for a fresh one (which is what I starteddoing) since the sign where the menu says ?Self-Serve| Fresh Baked?. Read more

gerardo casarez 4 years ago

there no pizza available at times