Reviews for Jimmy John's in Whitewater, WI

Lisa Schultz 1 year ago

Haven't been there in years. Last time I was there, I thought the sandwich tasted a little funny and wound up sick for a few... days. Haven't been back since. Read more

Gary Y 1 year ago

I have ordered from this Jimmy Johns a number of times and they have gotten my order wrong. I have ordered through the JJ app... where it clearly states my order and how I would like it and it is still wrong. I have called the restaurant to let them know myorder was wrong and the customer service was not great. Plus when you order from the app for this location the app nevernotifies you when your food is delivered so it can be sitting outside for a while. I would recommend Jersey Mike's or Subwayover this Jimmy Johns. Read more

Mark Bidlack 1 year ago

Subs, "So fast,you'll freak", here! Always good ,fresh,quick sandwiches here! Love this place!

Nicholas Meyer 1 year ago

Took 1 hour and 45 minutes to get my one sub. Called the store nobody apologized or offered compensation/coupon for the... extremely long wait for a single order. The guy who answered brushed it off with "yeah yeah the driver should be there soon".Drink was warm and the ice was completely gone. The cup was soggy and leaking.. not sure how thats possible but it happened. Subwas warm and soggy. Definitely not worth the $16 for the garbage I got. Think twice before ordering from here. Read more

Chelsea Stonewerth 1 year ago

The service is terrible! Last time I was in, the guy basically threw one of our subs at us. We do make some modifications (like... leaving the bread in the top if we order #1-BLT, or no tomatoes) but the subs are always wrong. I'm not sure if it's newownership or just lack of compassion for the job but I'll start driving out of town if we want Jimmy Johns because it hasprogressively gotten worse in Whitewater. Read more

Heather Bouchard 1 year ago

I love Jimmy John's but this place is far from "freaky fast". They almost always forget something if I order more than... sandwiches. My last delivery took an hour and a half to arrive and when I called after an hour to see if something was wrong,the girl answered the phone with peels of laughter and a hello...I shouldn't have to ask if I've called a place of business ornot. I understand places get busy but thats excessive...I didn't even bother calling for a refund on the items that were wrongor undelivered. I don't know Jimmy John's, you guys need people in there that care just a tiny bit and not mindless children. Itook my chances and tried again. A $50 order after an hour and they hadn't even made it yet. The girl tried to argue with myboyfriend about just giving us a refund because they could make it right now. We did finally get refunded of course but to makethings even better... the girl on the phone said that they were super busy and could rush an order in since we'd waited. I hadleft to pick something up and when I drove by, the inside of the building was empty save the workers throwing foodaround. Don't waste your money or your health. Read more

Alllove eel 2 years ago

I used to order from here 3 times a week. Stopped because the service was so bad. Took about 9 months off from ordering but... had my old delivery driver stop by (he's awesome and I usually got decent service if he was working) and say it was under newownership and things were better now. Got a 50% off a sandwich email so i broke down and reluctantly ordered today. At thispoint the discount wouldn't apply so I had to pay full price, my order is a hour old, lunch still isn't here. Called thestore and was told it's provable not coming for at least another 30 min because they only have 2 drivers and got slammed, alsotold there was nothing they could do to apply or refund the discount. Clearly things are not better under the new ownership!!! Read more

Jennifer Watson 2 years ago

I love JJs but this location has repeatedly been a disappointment. Multiple times our order have been missing subs (either pick... up or delivery orders) or the order was entirely wrong. Delivery takes a very long time. Overall, customer beware, check yourstuff or just accept the wrong items. Read more