Reviews for Toppers Pizza in Whitewater, WI

Whitney Tischer 1 year ago

General chain pizza place. Staff was friendly. Plenty of places to park. We like the Toppers sticks. They're a nice change up to... regular pizza. Download the app and watch your rewards build. We don't eat here often, it's good for a night when you don't wantto cook. Read more

Danny McKinney 1 year ago

GM Melodie is so fun and friendly! You can tell she truly cares about her customers and team ????

William Mills 1 year ago

Really disappointed that they have clearly outsourced there customer service to a call center in India. I've been ordering from... the same toppers for 20 years and now I have to give an excessive amount of information to a person I can hardly try tounderstand while they try to upsell me on things I don't want. The straw that broke the camels back for me. Oh, and the cheesesauce you changed to over the years completely sucks. Read more

Mike Hawkey 1 year ago

What a great toppers they are fast the food is perfect and the service is outstanding would definitely recommend if your in... town! Read more

El Pooch 1 year ago

This is from a few days back. ... extending back 25-odd years! Topperstix are probably the best snack-food ever... invented. Only beef I have with the place is that they ditched the old "Potato Topper" pizza to jump on the hash brownbandwagon. The old one was great, the new one is a great reason to buy something else somewhere else. Read more

Kyle S 2 years ago

Customer service and delivery was timely and excellent. They keep changing the nacho cheese. Edit: They have been late on... getting me my order more times than not. My last triple order of topper stix looked like a double order... The only thing thathas been good is the taste of their topperstix. 8.10.21: Been here a handful of times since. Service is awful. You never getyour order on time. The headquarters are right next door. You think they'd take some pride in their work. I don't ever expectthings to go correctly when I order. Read more

Eleanor Weidner 3 years ago

I had to update my review from 2 years ago because, tonight, I just had my life changed. I ordered from the store in Whitewater... and my life has forever been altered. My perception of what good pizza is is changed. I'm crying. Tears streaming down my cheeksat the glory of what I recieved; a slice of heaven served in a cardboard box. To the young men and women, working their hardestto kill it on every level of the customer's experience, you've done it. I've reached nirvana. From the amazing woman who took myorder to the extraordinary man who took my money, thank you. All of you. I will never again let my eyes or tongue commitadultery with any other company. I am fully committed to Toppers for the rest of my life. Not a piece of cheese out of place,the pieces cut so evenly. This is truly the epitome of perfection. ???????????????? Read more

Ferretti Farmer 4 years ago

As a 2002 UWW grad I've been coming to Whitewater Toppers since the original location on Rt. 12. I have a special liking for the... Triple Order of Oringinal Toppers Stixs. Pretty much what I order every time. Especially with nacho sause. My only critique isthat the nacho sauce seems to have changed a bit in recent years. I liked the old version better. It should be noted that thepizza and many other choices for snacks/dinner are also awesome. Go Toppers! Read more