Reviews for Papa Johns Pizza in Wichita Falls, TX

Dr Crypt1c 1 year ago

Terrible service and presentation of the pizza. The pizza looked like someone was having a party before it came to my house and... was also stone cold. Called the manager told her the issue she said she will remake it. I didn't wanna take the risk again so Idrove up there. Showed her the pizza and she jumped back and went eww. Told her I shouldn't have to make a trip up here this isan inconvenience is there anything else she can do to make it right? She was snobby and said nope I remade it have a nice night.I then asked for her member # for I can address corporate then she just ignored me and played with her phone. Then looked backat me rudely like what do you want. I repeated myself and she was being even more rude and wouldn't even give me a number tocall whos above her. She claims her daddy but she wouldn't let me address the issue with higher up. Read more

Hailey Tatortot 1 year ago

I placed my order over the phone they took all my information then when I go in to pick up my order my name was never in the... system nor my information the lady in the front and the manager had attitudes when I had asked if I?d been charged after 20minutes I decided to get food somewhere else Read more

Torian Knox 2 years ago

If you know me, you know I love me some Papa Johns. My deliveries always arrive either earlier then expected or right on time!... The drivers are also always really nice and friendly. I use to order from other Pizza places until I tried out Papa Johns oneday and fell in love, it?s definitely the crust! Overall, I actually recommend Papa Johns to friends and family when orderingpizza! ???? Read more

John Bourgoin 2 years ago

I purchased an xlg pizza on 4-22-22. They got half of a 50/50 pizza wrong. Used their on line system to complain. The web site... said they would respond within 24 hours. Never heard from them. Read more

Richard Raymer 2 years ago

I had an issue with my previous order (about a week ago). I called the store and spoke with the manager, she was very friendly... and helpful with the issue. She provided store credit (among other options ) to help resolve this. Today I called and spoke withthe same manager about using the store credit. She was very pleasant and put the order in for delivery. The young lady thatdelivered my order was also very friendly and pleasant to deal with. The order itself was fantastic and the quality that I havegrown to know from Papa Johns. Read more

Jessica Stuard 2 years ago

We usually love Papa John's but lately it's been taking a huge nose dive. For starters, what is going on with yalls crust?!?... It's super thin anymore and very inconsistent. Also, we get a large and an ex large everytime we order and the last few monthsthe x large is the same exact size as the large and only has 8 slices when supposed to be 10. It's not the way it's cute eitherbecause if you were to cut it correctly, it is still the same size as a large just smaller slices. Y'all need to get it togetheror we will just order from dominos or elsewhere. Read more

Maya Lilium (Mayalilium) 4 years ago

Ordered twice already and just moved here.. was very excited to see the pizza was made well. Thank you. Friendly people and... deliver drivers too! Read more

Nkiru Unadike 6 years ago

Be sure to check yuour Pizza before leaving if you ordered carry out... Got barbecue instead of ranch once and burned pizza... twice. They were very sorry about it though, and made me a new pizza. Read more