Reviews for Pizza Hut in Wichita Falls, TX

Chuck Del Toro 1 year ago

Box was not taped or sealed shut. Pizza was nothing bit a pile of pieces with the toppings knocked off. You could tell it had... been tossed around and thrown several times by delivery driver. Ice cold and over 30 minutes late with no explanation. Read more

Brittany Briscoe 1 year ago

I went to pick up an online order for delivery. Everyone was in the back huddled up like the zombies on I am legend. I sat in... the drive thru so long that I just decided to go inside. Again, I waited another 10 minutes before anyone came to the front. Igave the order name and code and the cashier acted as if he didn't see it in the computer. My customer was so irritated thatshe cancelled the order and I lost that trip. I feel that he played dumb just so that his delivery guy could get thattrip...Whatever the reason was, it was unprofessional and highly tacky considering they were in the back looking at tik tokwhile I was waiting. I hate unprofessionalism with a passion!!! It's sad that these businesses are so desperate for workers thatthey'll hire those who aren't adequate to bring down the quality of their business. That's why no matter how long the line is,Chic fila STAYS crowded and packed. They have a standard of service for their employees and the quality of their food is toptier. People go there just for that. I'm interested to see how long this pizza hut stays open because this experience washorrible. The lights were on but NOBODY WAS HOME!!! Read more

brandon wilkes 1 year ago

I ordered online at 12:45 pm. When arriving to the store at 1:05 they inform me that the manager had to leave to go get cheese... and that my order would be ready later on. Read more

I_rum41 Kushington 1 year ago

Pizza showed up twice with toppings slid to one side. One of those times it showed 1hr. Late!

Husky610 1 year ago

Overall not a great experience. Ordered our food and one pasta was discontinued. Probably should remove it from the menu prior... to that. The food took a really long time to be delivered, I am guessing because it is out sourced to DoorDash. Not sure whatthe problem is there but I am sure it has to do with no "additional tip" being added, which attracts faster service from thosetypes of companies. Sauces we ordered and paid for were not included in our order. Read more

Elx Cabra 2 years ago

Pizza looked like a blind person cut it. Big dinner box. 2 square pizzas. Zero symmetry in the cuts. On one of the pizzas, they... literally just cut the crust off at the bottom as the last cut. Same for the cheesy bread. One of the sticks was cut in 2. Read more

J Poteet 2 years ago

Probably the worst pizza I've had, yes I ate four pieces just because I have nothing else to eat and I did not want to go... outside and eat the bark off of a tree which would have been better. I've worked in Pizza in the past and given that the doughis not fluffy and it's impacted means that he's been overproofed. And the taste of yeast in it a lot more and the nice goldenbrown on the edges weren't there. Will be the last and final time I ever order from Pizza Hut in Wichita Falls. Read more

mack roberts 2 years ago

Dry, barely any sauce, no cheese in the middle whatsoever, also found what looked to be cat hair on it.