Reviews for Subway in Wichita Falls, TX

Amanda Stroud 1 year ago

Curious and willing to help...always enough staff that you see them inside and outside always cleaning and/helping... customers...excellent place to shower... not too high but only of you don't need to shower daily.. I will always re-visit thislocation Read more

J Pico 1 year ago

The staff is very friendly. The picture of the pool must be old cuz it was dirty and empty. The shower leaked bad, running for... several days. Read more

Bree Berry 2 years ago

Stopped by to pick up a sandwich and the sweetest girl fixed up my order for me. She was great, I wish I had gotten her name but... I forgot. She was awesome and definitely stop by ?????? Read more

DJ Just Jay (DJJustJayOK) 2 years ago

I've been coming to this Subway since I moved to Wichita Falls 8 years ago. It became very convenient to get my sandwich fix... from this place because it's open 24hrs, and on most holidays. Sometimes the customer service of the subway person (varies) issubpar, and sometimes they're great. The freshness of the food is consistent enough for me to keep coming back. While otherrestaurants close around 8/9pm, I can always count on this subway to be open so I can avoid taco bell, McDonald's, and IHOP. Read more

Paul Moore 2 years ago

Got a Teriyaki chicken protein bowl. Excellent choice for gas station lunch!

Christopher Moates 3 years ago

Employee by the name of Stormy has a horrible additude. She seems unhappy with her job and acts the customers are an... inconvience. My wife asked for extra pickles and ranch on her sandwich. She literally ignored her and didnt say a word. Thenwhen my wife repeated herself to make sure Stormy heard her, Stormy told my wife she didnt need to be so aggressive and rude. IfI could rate this experience a 0 star I would. Read more

Ben De la Rosa 3 years ago

The tuna was dry, hopefully not old. All the veggies were limp. "Do you want extra meat? Do you want extra cheese? Do you want... to add salami or pepperoni to your tuna"? Now I know why the lady in front why she was charged extra. "It's because of theextra cheese you ordered ma'am" Drenched the sandwich in dressing. Didn't include any napkins with a footlong. Asked if I couldget some, they peeled of the bent one on too and offered me one. Thanks! Read more

Ashley Gesino 3 years ago

The guy working this (super early) morning was so nice I felt compelled to write a review. The husband and I are making a pretty... long road trip and had already been on the road for a few hours when we stopped at Loves just before 5AM. Sleep deprived andhangry, I ordered a breakfast sandwich and for some reason said ?yes? when the guy asked me if I wanted mayo. I panicked alittle thinking ?Is mayo on breakfast sandwiches a thing?! Did I just ruin my sandwich?!? The guy was super nice and friendlyand assured me that it?s totally normal lol. Anyway, long story short, I thanked him and said goodbye after a short, friendlyexchange, but once we were back on the road I found myself thinking ?aw, he was really nice, I hope I was nice enough back forhim to know I appreciated his kindness and friendly attitude.? I know I keep calling him ?the guy,? I?m embarrassed I didn?t gethis name. So you, sir, young guy with the tattoos, if you read this, thank you for being a nice person. Your kindness didn?t gounnoticed. Take care. Sincerely, A happy customer (the girl who ordered half asleep and then panicked about mayo on herbreakfast sandwich ???????????) Read more