Reviews for Taco Bell in Winfield, KS

joe mama 1 year ago

Can be really cheap if you order off the dollar menu. Youde think being a dollar that they would suck but theyre actually pretty... good Read more

Nathan Sullivan 1 year ago

Polite staff. Food made fresh.

Dorthy Rainbow 1 year ago

What do u say about a drive ???? through??? The day someone makes a fun drive through that people want to go order something... just to have the experience of driving on in....well that will be Atmosphere ya know? Like free car wash as you go,? Or a rollercoster ride with spook house? Tacoes and who knows a whole experience... a drive through could be ge and go or don't go that wayno no and you go the taco bell fun house... just a thought... Read more

jbson33 1 year ago

It did not cost me a lot and it was really good it was nice and hot they made it when I ordered it so I'm very happy about that

Tyra Marie 1 year ago

KC has amazing customer service :) that human interaction really made my night

Tom Peirce 1 year ago

We just had an excellent experience at Taco Bell in Winfield, Kansas. I think the young lady working the drive-thru name was... Crystal. She was friendly and very efficient at her job. She made us smile and feel better. Thank you for your excellentservice. Read more

Bridgett McMichael 1 year ago

Absolutely ridiculous! 15+min for an order when no one inside and few cars outside then when I got my food tacos are soggy!!!!!... Call to complain and no one picks up!!!! I?d give zero stars if it would post! Read more

Gunther Flower 2 years ago

Food is normally good here, customer service is the opposite, these 2 girls in the window got extremely frustrated and upset... with my girlfriend and I when we wanted to add nacho fries, I said ?Im so sorry but can we add nacho fries to our order?? andthen I receive much unnecessary attitude, I used to work at this taco bell and know that nacho fries are not much work to put ina bag. Could have received a 4/5 stars if this hadn?t have happened. Read more