Reviews for Subway in Winnebago, IL

Elisabeth Nelson 1 year ago

This subway has went downhill tremendously. Terrible customer service, they don?t even know their own menu and took forever when... we were the only ones there. Would give zero stars if I could. Read more

Lexi Marie 2 years ago

Wish I could give 0 stars. Came here on my 30 min lunch break and they waited til it?s been 10 minutes and I?m checking out to... tell me they can only take cash.. why wouldn?t you say that at the start of my order? I also came here about a week ago and paid$1.50 extra for sliced avocado and I get smashed avocado, which subways smashed avocado is disgusting, so it ruined the sandwichfor me. It was an online order so I didn?t know until I was back at work. Read more

Del Francis 2 years ago

I had a bad experience this one time. I placed my Mobil order at 12:05pm, and app suggested it would be ready by 12:25pm. I... arrived at 12:25pm and saw 3 othe customers in line. The Sub Engineers apologized that they were not able to prepare my orderand would begin shortly. I waited another 15 mins before my order was ready. I was on my 30 munute lunch, and that caused meto be late returning ????. The Sub Engineer was very apologetic, but did not offer any compensation. I will try again with theMobil order and maybe put the order in earlier to give it another shot. I just hope they can improve prep times. I want tocontinue to support locally. Read more

Michelle Geordt 2 years ago

Subway in Winnebago is going downhill. They barely put anything on your sandwich, the staff is super slow, and they get orders... mixed up. Took 30 minutes to make a 6 inch. Read more

cody cramer 2 years ago

One of the worst I have ever been to. Flys flying around, the top of the coolers look nasty from old stickers then the kid drop... all the sandwich because he was forcing 3 in one bag. I recommend going to Pec or Rockford on Springfield and avoid this one Read more

Nakita Benjamin 2 years ago

Cole made my sandwich. I go to subways often, and in my opinion, he has been the best "sandwich artist" of all of them. Nice job

Alexa Phelps 3 years ago

All is well at the Winnebago Subway. Very clean and very friendly staff. To be precise, an employee by the name of, "Holden"... made my sandwich with finesse and tender love... needless to say it was the finest toasted buffalo chicken I have ever put in myeat-hole. God bless that young man. Read more

Ethan&Kyle YT 3 years ago

There?s a young lad I believe named Holden that will make you rethink who you marry and have making your sandwiches that... beautiful soul deserves a raise I?ll be back for another bmt for sure. Also the way the kid moves his hands is something elseit?s really breath taking the second you put one of his foot longs in your mouth. Very handsome and well mannered as well. Read more