Reviews for McDonald's in Winona, MN

Shaylynn Hazel 1 year ago

Service is good and quick, drive through is fantastic, but they remodeled, and though it looks very modern, they replaced the... play place with a bunch of screens for the kids, and I swear the indoor seating area is never cleaned. Always super gross. Read more

Brainpasta 1 year ago

It seems that the quality and portion sizes are getting smaller. The menu doesn't have many specialty options anymore, and is... very limited. Good timely service overall. Service has improved and employees look less soul sucked but the cheeseburgers are sothin and bland if they were any thinner they would be paper. It's basically paper. Read more

Tyler ?Glytchii? Boesch 1 year ago

Ordered a double quarter pound meal. Burger was greasy as could be. Hot but dripping in grease. Fries were perfectly crispy and... hot. However, they tasted old. Like they were fried in old oil. Otherwise perfectly salted, crispy, and temp. Soda was not flator low on syrup. Service was good. Friendly staff and was quick to get my food from time I ordered to handing it out thewindow. I would return but wouldn't order a burger again. Just way too greasy. Read more

Gary Johncox 1 year ago

No human contact, touch screen ordering and pay by card only, at pickup counter only a prison style slot for food transfer,... attendant wouldn't give out any order assistance, let alone the time of day. If this is the future for fast food, I'll bring myown slow food and most likely live a longer healthy life. Read more

John 1 year ago

I did a mobile order through the app and waited 15 minutes. As I sat there waiting, many other people received their orders. ... So I finally went inside and they gave me my food that was just sitting there. Kind of annoying, but whatever, I mean, it'sMcDonalds. Then I tasted my food. The burger was literally rare and the cheese was not even melted. The fries were cold andsoggy. I would not have finished that meal if someone paid me to do it. Read more

Junie Marie 1 year ago

It used to be a cheap place to feed your kids and eat at lake. It's gotten so expensive it's not affordable anymore. Best to go... to Hyvee deli instead. Read more

dublj18 1 year ago

last visit fries weren't hot and i had to microwave my cold burger at home. also, one of the mcnuggets had something crunchy in... it. (a beak maybe?) Read more

Peter Sayarath 1 year ago

Clean, the kids enjoyed the dining area. One of the better McDonald's locations we've been to. The sandwiches came exactly as... ordered. Overall we had a great experience. Definitely a McDonald's to visit. Read more