Reviews for Taco Bell in Winona, MN

Jennifer 1 year ago

I got two Cheesy Gordita Crunch tacos and one of them had a cardboard holder inside of it (see photo). The Mountain Dew was... mostly carbonation and very little flavor. The nacho fries were good at least. Read more

Deranged Atoms 1 year ago

Me and my boyfriend order the same thing, almost everytime we come here. We've worked here before, but come on. Never had a... problem with our orders until recently. Put Chipotle sauce and onions in the wraps we specifically said not to. This happensconstantly. We understand fast food work can be hard, but this was such a simple order and at the slowest time of the place too,only one other car was there ordering. Can't believe how downhill it's gotten ???? Read more

Markus 1 year ago

Waited over 80 minutes for my order. They gave it to wrong driver and wouldn?t admit their mistake. Next driver gave up and left... because they wouldn?t remake the order. Outrageous Read more

Terrie Parpart 1 year ago

I haven't been to a Taco Bell in a long time, but my experience today was great! Service was awesome, food was good, and was... impressed with the cleanliness of the dining area! Thank you All! Read more

spacebray 1 year ago

I love myself some Taco Bell, anyone who knows me knows I'm extremely enthusiastic for it. But it's extremely annoying when... people who get paid $14/hr can't even do the simplest of things such as put sauce in the bag. Read more

Brenda Boettcher 1 year ago

One of the only fast ???? fast food restaurants open ???? late at night ???????? when Arby's and BK and even McD's is closed. I... read one review about the $1 menu and the Nachos Bell Supreme hits the spot if you want more than just ???? tacos. Read more

M*A*S*H4077 - 1977 1 year ago

I had 8 Dorito's Locos Tacos...and I was full for hours. Even though it cost $27, it was well worth the satisfying feeling of... taking my time with eating and enjoying the new relaxing lounge area. 10 thumbs up ???? ???????????????????????????????????? Read more

Jen sZ 2 years ago

C?mon, the hard shells are paper thin. They?re now just impossible to take one bite without the whole taco falling apart. Last... three times have been bad.. like no steak in the taco.. how-is that forgotten? Both of them And.. I?ll just go ahead and sayit.. the prices.. no Read more