Reviews for Taco Bell in Winona, MS

Daniel Robberson 1 year ago

Its relieving to find a truck stop with something other than burgers and subway.

Chad Robertson 1 year ago

The drive thru closes at sporadic times and this particular Taco Bell has a couple of really rude employees. I can go one night... at 7:10 and the drive thru is closed with nothing showing or letting people know its closed. Saw 4 or 5 cars trying to get outof the drive thru line one night. It was a freaking mess. Also, it was just the other night I ordered a blue raspberry freezeand was told they were out by lady behind the counter. As I waited on my food to be prepared, a young boy of the same race camein and ordered a blue raspberry freeze. Guess what, he got a blue raspberry freeze and better yet, didn't even pay for it. Read more

Lisa Walker 1 year ago

Chalupa bread was hard & the female manager making food knew that the food should have been pulled and not served as it had... passed expiration time, had a serious attitude throwing things in the garbage while making my beef not chicken chalupa.The kindelderly woman who took my order said the register wouldn't allow her to correct the change to beef. The ingredients were verytiny. Perhaps a teaspoon on each of the burritos, tacos and chalupas. Read more

Butch Richard 1 year ago

When I was there is was slow, and when asked for my name for my meal I said clearly and it was still messed up, didn't realize... my order was messed up until i got back in my truck and was eating it, this taco bell needs some help and if u can avoid I woulddo it Read more

C G 1 year ago

Took forever to get my food, watched the girl making it on 7/23/22 9:30pm, she only used her right hand, my challupa flopped... over in the holder, she didn't right it, dropped some tomatoes on it that just ended up on the counter before the girl with thesour cream gun came over, stood it back up before the lazy girl wrapped it. The soda machine was absolutely disgraceful. Theentire machine was covered in brown sticky soda, especially the buttons so you know it doesn't get cleaned, ever, just"wipeddown". Respect yourself, don't eat here. Read more

Richard Wesnoski 2 years ago

Very rude managers at their location. They can't even call orders when they are made. Food probably is as good as the staff. Not... very Read more

Club Davis 2 years ago

It's just okay. Went in ordered my food the lady who took my order was polite, but the one who handed me the food she was in a... bad mood. Whatever food still tasted like a regular taco bell so there's that I suppose. Read more

Mike Haskins 5 years ago

This Taco Bell is attached to a Pilot Travel Center, which means you also have easy access to those services- definitely a plus.... This is a fairly typical Taco Bell- standard offerings that you'd get from any other store. Ordered and had food within fiveminutes and was a convenient and painless stop. Read more