Reviews for Veggie Grill in Woodland Hills, CA

Tony Medina 1 year ago

So existing in this new dietary reality where I have to manage a heart healthy profile, I am gently coerced into exploring... healthier food options. This is completely my own undoing bec of my historically bad choices so I must own it. Coming into arestaurant that just a month ago I would have shrugged my shoulders and said no. Today is a new reality and so at the urging ofmy supremely health conscientious daughter (wise beyond her years) she suggested I opt for my go to salad ???? Chinese ChickenSalad, albeit Veggie Grill style. I braced for the worst, however I was pleasantly surprised with the flavor and the texture.The chicken part I was not completely convinced but the rest was amazingly good. ???? I guess I am inspired and not alldisheartened by my options. I will try the other offerings as I traverse a healthier path. Read more

Meybelth Chávez 1 year ago

Customer service wasn?t the best but food is always so good. Also, they?ve changed some things in their menu so when I ordered... the Buffalo chicken in the Cesar salad I only got 5 little pieces of chicken, I?ve ordered the same things at so many differentveggie grills and only this one have served SO little. Paid about $3 extra for it and portion wasn?t enough. Read more

Matt Kaufman 1 year ago

Located inside Westfield Village, this Veggie Grill has plenty of indoor and outdoor seating. The food is made fresh, so order... online ahead of time, if you're in a rush. Their kids meals are a good quantity of food for a much lower price, so they're greatfor kids (and even adults). Read more

Brianne Rogers 1 year ago

I love Veggie Grill:) the VG Beyond burger is by far my favorite item on the menu, but today we also tried the Ramen with the... "chicken". It was very good for vegan ramen! The fries are good, and they always have a nice selection of drinks and beer. Thislocation had Matcha Horchata, and it was so delicious. The service is nice, and this particular Veggie Grill is in a really niceshopping center. Cane back and tried the carne asada tacos and the chicken nachos--they were so good! Today I tried the JapaneseKatsu-Style Sliders, and they were definitely worth trying. The impossible patties are super crispy and unique, an the wholemeal is just very light but flavorful. Read more

Dhruva Suravarapu 1 year ago

This is our go-to vegan spot in California. Slightly pricey, but the food and drinks are amazing. I like that they have their... american fare as well as mexican menu now. Lots to choose from. Read more

Marco Flores 2 years ago

I have been coming for a while everytime it seems to be getting worse. Today I ordered fish tacos and the corn tortillas were... old, not heated (served cold) to the point they fell apart. The limes were bad I didn't check that they all were covered inbrown spots signaling it was bad and it tasted awful. 2 orders of fish tacos in the trash. I called the store and was ignoredmid sentence as the person on the other line started talking to someone. Thank you veggie grill, I tried to give you thebenefit of the doubt even after I said I would never come back. Now that I write my one and only review you will never see meagain. Don't go here the food quality is poor and the owners keep expired food to save on costs. You can tell the quality iss*** now, this place use to be full now its not even MEDIOCRE. just look at the pictures and decide for yourselves. Read more

Manjul Bose 2 years ago

Delicious food. Tad pricey but it is flavorful and healthy with a lot of color. Love how they make their brown rice. Be aware of... the red chili ????? peppers ... Read more

Aman Gupta 2 years ago

We ordered Southwest Nachos 4/5, Crispy Cauliflower 4/5, Far East Bowl 4/5 Nachos were really tasty with decent quantity for... the price (roughly $8). A little more sauce would have made it perfect but overall really good. Would re-order for sure. CrispyCauliflower was a perfect snack, very crispy, light and not oily. Buffalo dip was not good. Will try the ranch dip nextvisit. Far east bowl had a very unique flavor of sesame chicken. The greens were cooked perfectly along with the brown rice.Loved the bowl overall. Scrumptious. Total $30 for 3 delicious vegetarian dishes. Must visit. 2nd Visit: Ordered Far eastbowl, Nachos and Hotdog. Hot Dog with coleslaw and potato salad was really good. Filling and a very unique combination of hotdog and chilli. Must say all the dishes are delicious and priced perfectly. Read more