Reviews for Sonic Drive-In in Yazoo City, MS

Steven Hinson 1 year ago

Easy to order, paid with card at car, lady that delivered repeated order accurately before handing it over. Good attitudes, good... experience. Read more

Jarrod G. 1 year ago

Food was hard and cold. Car hop definitely hated her job. Said thank you as my order was being handed to me and received no... reply. Will not visit this location in the future. Horrible! Read more

Shawn Hart 1 year ago

I am writing as a concerned customer, I visited Sonic Drive in, in Yazoo City,MS for lunch. I ordered a chicken strip dinner,... well being a guy, who used to be a manager of "3" Sonic Drive Ins! I can tell you this, is not Sonic original Chicken Strips,it is a store bought strip dropped into a deep Fryer that needs a serious cleaning. The chicken wad so dark, it looked like mystrip have a tan. If Sonic would change there grease like supposed, this chicken would not be this dark. It takes almost 30min, to get a order and one day, I went and they could not sale anything, I tried to order cheddar peppers and was told, I'msorry sir, We are out of everything, our freezer door is frozen shut and we can get it open. To the owner you need a managersuch as myself, who would take care of your customers and serve them with the best quality possible. Read more

Ryan Webb 1 year ago

For one. We waited 30 minutes for our order when there was only 3 other cars on the lot. We finally got our food and drinks,... first drink had no ice, second drink ordered a dr. pepper and got a coke, third drink was covered in big red they didn?t evenwipe the cup AND they didn?t give us any napkins for us to clean it up. Opened the bag to the first sight of churros that areblack. Pulled the pretzel out and it was as hard as a rock. Asked for marinara for our mozzarella sticks 3 times and didn?t getANY. We opened up the wrap to a breakfast burrito and it wasn?t even wrapped egg and sausage everywhere; a complete mess, samewith the two chili cheese wraps we ordered. When we received our items our carhop (Leslie) didn?t hardly say a thing to us andwas rude when she did speak. Read more

james jolly 2 years ago

If there was a -5 star that's whatvi would choose . Took forever to get or order,Food was cold , order wasn't right, Then the... car hope tried to convince me a medium mozzarella stic was supposed to only have 4 lol really its right there on the dangsign Read more

Yoshiee Munstr 2 years ago

The food was really hot and delicious just took them 10 mins after they said they were coming out with it to get it

Timothy Spears 2 years ago

This Sonics is very disappointing. The service is extremely slow and the workers are not professional at all. Last time I went... there, I pulled up to the drive thru and sat there for 5 minutes but no one took my order. Had to drive all the way around andpark at a stall to order. If I wasn't thirsty for a slush, I would have straight driven off. Please get it together! Read more

Racheal Welker 6 years ago

My mom and I had stopped in here after getting gas to grab a quick lunch before heading back home. I had ordered a number one..... with mayonnaise, a root beer to drink, and requested that I get cheddar peppers instead of tater tots or french fries. We, hadalso, requested a couple large cups of ice. We were traveling and needed some extra ice because the ice that we already had wasnearly completely melted. When we received our order, they asked if we wanted any dipping sauce, for the cheddar peppers.Requested Ranch. We noticed right away that we did not get the ice. We asked where the ice was, and the lady said that she wouldgo in and see what happened. It turns out that it was never put in, so we had to reorder it. We reminded the lady about theranch. She said okay, and walked away. After reordering the ice, and while waiting, I pulled out my burger and noticed thatthere was only Mayo on it. None of the lettuce or tomatoes or anything extra. So, we called back, before the ice got out there,and let them know about the situation. They apologized. They brought us the ice, we had to ask, again, for the ranch, and whenthey brought out the new burger it was just two bottom buns, one of them being burnt. I tried to be understanding, because Ihave work in fast food and know that things happen. Aside from the one lady that apologized about the burger, the attitudes ofthe people that we spoke with were terrible. I was really disappointed in that stop for lunch. I did attach a couple of picturesof the burger with two bottom buns. I'm glad that I don't live in that town, and that's not my local Sonic. Read more