Since we can’t gather together in big groups this year to celebrate Canada Day, let’s celebrate through our love of Canadian food! There’s a few foods that Canada is most well known for and then there’s a few that you might not know about.

Order these Canadian classics to show your spirit and help support local Canadian restaurants this July 1st.

1. Poutine

The Canadian food that needs no introduction.  Fries, cheese curds and gravy are make up this classic Canadian dish but beyond that, the possibilities are endless with what you can put on top. Find Poutine near you!

2. Caesar Drink

Ok, so this one isn’t technically food, but the way Caesars are made they can still be a meal. Whether its adding pickles, pickled beans, celery, cucumbers, pepperoni, chicken wings, mozzarella sticks, or even a slider, if your hungry a Caeser can do the trick.

3. Tourtiere

This one may not be that well known, but it sure is delicious! A French-Canadian specialty, this meat pie is a delicious and filling holiday favourite. Find Tourtiere near you.

4. Peameal Bacon

Everyone loves bacon! This is Canada’s thicker more hefty version that goes great with eggs benedict or just classic scrambled eggs and toast. Find Peameal Bacon near you.

5. Pacific/Atlantic Salmon

Whether it’s caught on the West Coast of Canada or the East, Salmon isn’t strictly Candian but some of the best salmon in the world are caught off our shores. Find Salmon near you.