Do you love Indian food? If so, you’re in luck – there are plenty of great places in South Carolina to get it, in part due to the state’s growing population of immigrants from that region of the world. Whether you’re looking for a casual eatery or an upscale restaurant, South Carolina has you covered – really, there’s something for everyone! Here are five of our favorite Indian spots in the state (listed in no particular order).

Columbia, South Carolina

The food at 2Gingers in Columbia is authentic, flavorful, and fresh so whether you’re a newbie to Indian cuisine or someone who knows you love it, it’s bound to satisfy. Customers appreciate the huge menu selection, affordable prices, generous portions, amazing customer service, and warm atmosphere. More than anything, though, they absolutely love the taste of the food. As one loyal patron says, it’s like “a circus in my mouth… the presentation, the flavors, the aromas… wow.”

In particular, diners love the restaurant’s chicken tikka masala (“the best I’ve had in Columbia,”) vegetable samosas, dosas, garlic naan, and chicken biryani. Over and over again reviewers say that 2Gingers has the best Indian food in South Carolina – it’s definitely possible. We should all go see for ourselves as soon as we can!

Check out 2Gingers’s menu in Columbia, South Carolina here.

Indian food

Bombay Bazar & Indian Restaurant
North Charleston, South Carolina

If you’re looking for an Indian restaurant in South Carolina that serves up lots of flavorful and spicy dishes, in addition to having a great atmosphere, excellent service, and polite servers, then you should definitely check out Bombay Bazar & Indian Restaurant in North Charleston. Vegetarian or not, there’s something for everyone to enjoy on this restaurant’s sampler platters and buffet table.

The prices are great too, especially given the quantity of food that you receive (enough to be full plus a leftover lunch for the following day!) Some favorite customer dishes include the butter chicken, tikka masala chicken, rice, curry chicken, naan, and gulab jamun. Everything is made fresh to order and there’s also a small grocery store in case you want to pick up any ingredients to bring home. Sounds great, right? So why not give Bombay Bazar & Indian Restaurant a try? You won’t be disappointed!

View Bombay Bazar & Indian Restaurant’s menu in North Charleston, South Carolina here.

Nirlep Indian Restaurant
Charleston, South Carolina

Are you a fan of Indian buffets where you can try lots of different dishes? If so, you’re going to love Nirlep Indian Restaurant in picturesque Charleston, which offers a large lunch buffet with so much variety (we’re talking six types of pickles even). Customers praise the restaurant’s authentic North Indian fare (“the most delicious food you’ll ever taste”), including its chicken tikka masala, tandoori chicken, spicy kalmi chicken, idli sambar, and butter chicken (and don’t forget its many vegetarian dishes too).

The minute you walk in Nirlep’s door, you can smell the deliciousness of its food. The decor is pleasing, and the servers are attentive and friendly. Plus, you won’t break the bank because the restaurant’s prices are very reasonable. So if you’re looking for a great lunch buffet, we highly recommend visiting Nirlep Indian Restaurant in Charleston.

Find Nirlep Indian Restaurant’s menu in Charleston, South Carolina here.

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Nirvana Indian Restaurant (Recently CLOSED)
Myrtle Beach, South Carolina

Nirvana. A name that conjures up images of paradise, peace, and happiness. Exactly what you’ll experience if you choose to dine at Nirvana Indian Restaurant in Myrtle Beach. Located near the beach, the eatery provides a welcome respite from the tourist traps on the boardwalk. Inside the restaurant, you’ll be pleasantly surprised by the cultural decor, calm ambiance, and delicious Indian fare served by gracious hosts.

Nirvana’s chefs will tailor your meal to your preferred spice level (mild, medium, or spicy) and answer any questions you have, which can be very helpful if you’re new to the cuisine. Plus, their mango lassis are reputed to be amazing (mmm, my favorite!) Prepare to be amazed; you’re simply going to love Nirvana Indian Restaurant in Myrtle Beach!

Explore Nirvana Indian Restaurant’s menu in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina here.

Saffron Indian Cuisine
Greenville, South Carolina

For those times when you want a classy and more intimate lunch or dinner experience, Saffron Indian Cuisine in Greenville will hit the spot. White tablecloths, candles, soft music – you get the idea. And both the food and service are fantastic to boot. As one reviewer said, “I always leave with a pleased stomach and a happy heart.” What could be better than that?

From lamb curry and chicken tikka masala to samosas and mango lassis, you’re bound to find the perfect entree, appetizer, or beverage to enjoy. Patrons simply adore the restaurant, many saying that it has “the best Indian food in Greenville.” So whenever your next date night rolls around, don’t forget about Saffron Indian Cuisine – trust us, your partner will be impressed and maybe even swept off their feet!

Find Saffron Indian Cuisine’s menu in Greenville, South Carolina here.