For everyone that’s watching the game from home this year, we’ve got you covered with the best takeout & delivery foods for Super Bowl LV!

#1 – Pizza

Whether it’s classic pepperoni and cheese, vegetarian, thin crust or deep dish, there’s no denying that pizza is the Champ when it comes to best takeout & delivery foods for the Superbowl. Click here to search for pizza near you on Sirved.


#2 – Chicken Wings

If Chicken wings were playing Pizza for the Superbowl they would have just missed the field goal with 5 seconds left on the clock to come in a very close second place on our list.  Whether you’re into burn your face off hot, honey garlic, dry rub or boneless, Chicken wings are a great snack on their own or when combined with Pizza.  Click here to search for chicken wings near you on Sirved.

#3 – Burgers

Burgers lost in the AFC championship to Pizza,  but 3rd place never tasted so good!  Whether you’re into greasy cheesy bacon burgers, portabello mushroom burgers, chicken burgers or one of each in small slider form, burgers hit all the spots.  Click here to search for burgers near you on Sirved.

#4 – Nachos

Nachos lost in the NFC championship to chicken wings,  but even 4th place can still tackle those taste buds.  Nachos can be packed to the brim with toppings like cheese, salsa, sour cream, jalapenos peppers and can also just be dipped in guacamole or smothered with meat.  No matter what you do with your nachos their a great accompaniment for the Superbowl. Click here to search for nachos near you on Sirved.