If you don’t have a Food Bucket List started… what are you doing with your life?!

Food plays a VERY important role in our lives – so important that we revolve our lives around it, and live for it! We took some time to get a list started for you! Check out a few things we recommend adding to your Food Bucket List:

1.Try a Montreal-style Bagel 

bucket list - Montreal Bagel


2.Indulge in some FONDUE!

bucket list - fondue


3.Go out for All you can eat Sushi 

bucket list - sushi


4.Eat Ice Cream for Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner

bucket list - ice cream


5.Eat at a Food Truck

bucket list - food truck


6.Try a Seafood Dish for the first time

bucket list - seafood


7.Bite into your first Macaron

bucket list - macaron


8.Celebrate Taco Tuesday!

bucket list - tacos


9.Be bold and try the HOTTEST Hot Sauce 

bucket list - hot sauce


10.Experience Chicago Deep Dish Pizza

bucket list - deep dish pizza


11.Try a Plant-based Burger  

bucket list - plant based burger


12.Eat using Chopsticks

bucket list - chopsticks


13.Eat Breakfast out of a Skillet

bucket list - skillet


14. Eat a Crepe while in France

bucket list - crepe


15.Eat Bizarre food 

bucket list - bizarre food


16.Sip on Latté Art

bucket list - latte art


17.Eat Dim-Sum

bucket list - dimsum


18.Eat Pasta while in Italy

bucket list - pasta


19.Eat dinner on the 96th Floor in Chicago 

bucket list - 96th floor


20.Try Korean BBQ

bucket list - Korean bbq