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For Restaurants

We’re offering all restaurants 90 days of free advertising.

The goal is to help promote any restaurant still open during this unprecedented time. If you’re open in any capacity, we would like to help you reach more […]

Mar 31,2020

Time stamped menus

Here at Sirved we’re all about menu discovery but with 450, 000 restaurant menus across North America, keeping up with new menus is hard work.  It takes a […]

Nov 25,2019
Food Bucket List
Eat & Drink

Everyone needs a Food Bucket List!

If you don’t have a Food Bucket List started… what are you doing with your life?! Food plays a VERY important role in our lives – so important […]

Sep 18,2018
Eat & Drink

The Strangest Foods You Can Eat in Toronto

What makes certain food strange? Is it the texture? Is it the colour or consistency? Whatever it is, we want to share with you some of the strange […]

Feb 21,2018