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Restaurant Spotlight

Fresh Seafood and an Open Flame

Angler Restaurant, Los Angeles, California Located in the heart of Los Angeles is some of the best seafood I have eaten at Angler. This sea-life-focused restaurant has a […]

Nov 05,2021
For Restaurants

Let us help you.

If your restaurant is open in any capacity during these unprecedented times, you should be doing everything you can to reach your customers and let them know you’re […]

Mar 31,2020
For Restaurants

We’re offering all restaurants 90 days of free advertising.

The goal is to help promote any restaurant still open during this unprecedented time. If you’re open in any capacity, we would like to help you reach more […]

Mar 31,2020

Time stamped menus

Here at Sirved we’re all about menu discovery but with 450, 000 restaurant menus across North America, keeping up with new menus is hard work.  It takes a […]

Nov 25,2019
Eat & Drink

Fall foods from around Canada

If your traveling around Canada this fall season you’re bound to get cravings for delicous and hearty food that warms the soul. Don’t worry we’ve got you covered.  […]

Sep 30,2019

Will delivery services like UberEats put your favourite restaurant out of business?

There are many reasons we created Sirved. Personal reasons. Business reasons. And reasons directly linked to the fact that some of our closest friends – who happen to […]

Feb 20,2018
Eat & Drink

How to Take Great Food Photos for Instagram

Not everyone can get a taste of what you’re eating – but they can see it with a perfectly plated food pic.  The #food hashtag on Instagram has […]

Sep 20,2017